Since I haven't awooed for a while, I never posted about starting to do Let's Plays!

One video each weekday, plus Saturdays. Sticking with Oxygen Not Included/Strafe/Everspace for a little while, but those will evolve as I get the hang of this.

Gonna try to keep this stuff up through grad school, but no guarantees. Just trying something that seems fun!

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Hello Mastodon furries! I made a totally non-scientific survey to ascertain certain things about the furry community, out of mere personal curiosity.

If you're #furry, I encourage you to take it!

Also this pretty much only happened because I got into streaming

Also I'm going to grad school in four months and probably won't have time for streaming or playing video games at all


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Bought a gaming PC because my existing one is a little weak for more modern games and definitely too weak to smoothly stream a lot of stuff

This is the first time I bought a computer specifically for games in approximately ever

I'm a little drunk and need to get this out so:

I kinda regret writing/publishing my book.

It's destroyed one friendship because she (inaccurately) thinks the romantic interest is her boyfriend and the protagonist is me. I spent hundreds on cover art that's really good but totally wrong from a marketing perspective. And I can't get myself to write again, so claiming I'm a writer feels more and more dishonest even if I did once do the thing.


So, yeah, I'm streaming tonight because I can't stop myself

Starting in ~10 minutes, gonna do 20XX and maybe Enter the Gungeon if I can't stand/run that game

Having a conversation with tooters from other instances, and I realized that I'm really really quiet here because I don't feel like enough of a goofy queer furry to really warrant saying anything o_o

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#TipOfTheDay, #mastodon :

Under settings/ preferences you can
☑ Block notifications from non-followers
☑ Block notifications from people you don't follow

And under your profile settings:
☑ Make account private
Requires you to manually approve followers and defaults post privacy to followers-only

This can help deal with harassment (if it gets bad) while you are awaiting help from admins. Cheers /

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been wandering around what the internet's been saying about mastodon and and found a neat little article @hupfen wrote that gives a real great overview on Mastodon with a very socially-oriented approach, rather than the stereotypical tech approach that almost everyone else has done


I've taken up streaming on Twitch. ( Particularly, I've taken up streaming those "bundle filler" games that people probably own but never touched.

I bring it up because, while I barely know what I own, I definitely don't know what people wanna see, and I'd rather ask buckawoos first.

My library is here; if it doesn't have hours on record I'm up for streaming it:

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Slack added status messages so now my status on every chat is "rabbit"

Including the work Slack

I am universally bunny

Mental health ramble 

I see mood as a three-dimensional thing.

One axis is perspective. Good or bad. This is what people usually mean by "mood"; they're having a good day or a bad day.

Then there's sensitivity. How easily your mood changes based on stimuli. Depression is low sensitivity.

Last is anxiety. How much you're expecting changes in mood.

So you can have a "good day" while being tense and numbed by depression. "Bipolar" is sensitivity bouncing around.

Just a thought.

Not doing good at the whole "focusing" thing today

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