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i played some long live the queen at my friend's house last night and now i can't stop thinking about magical girl princess paranoid throne struggles

what if i got this game and just played it myself

drawing with creepy eyes 

here is reindhare

i guess it's...basically a jackalope haha me.

im waiting for the weather to change so maybe ill work on a reindhare......

i can be anyone i want to be

i just am afraid to tell anyone

i found this tiny raikou!!

[AR screenshot from pokemon go of a raikou, normally a giant lightning tiger, but balanced delicately on my fingertips]

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caterpillar CW request 

hey pals, i love basically all bug posts, but just a favor to ask, if you ever post caterpillars pictures (or realistic caterpillar drawings/renders), can you CW them for me?

nbd if you forget, i'd just appreciate if you did it, especially going into caterpillar season!

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saw someone wearing a shirt that i thought said "THE FURSUIT" and then i realized that a necklace was blocking my view and it actually said "THE PURSUIT"

i have the space to be me and safe and cozy and this is good

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Do furcons have yearbooks you can buy at the very beginning that you can go around collecting furry-ass doodles and signatures from people throughout the con?

And if not, why the heck not?

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crazy fact
the letter 'S' in "S-Video", "S-Express" and "S-Club 7" all actually stand for the same thing: jortS

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hey! It's okay, everyone needs a break sometimes. We don't need to be constantly reacting, calculating, performing for each other. Let's let our brains cool down for a moment.


If you're ready,


the world is exploding with leaves and new birds and clumsy fawns and i get to be outside and look at it and that's soooo good

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lewd joke 

posthuman cyberfuture where you get a huge dick to compensate for your very small car

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