Hey there new awoo.space friends. We have a nice peaceful instance here, and in order to keep in that way, please bear this in mind:

While queer furries are the 'old guard' of mastodon.social... here we run the joint. You are in our house, and we expect safety and calm to be the order of the day here. If you want something more lively or tech-y, find another instance.

Still wanna stay? If you behave and respect us, you're welcome.


awoo.space is explicitly a safe space. If that phrase makes you scoff, please show yourself the door. If it sounds kinda nice? Well, maybe you belong here.

@inurashii Having humongous, monopolistic social networks was never a good idea. Having smaller communities, with different rulesets seems to be a better way. Safe spaces are needed. Turning a community into a safe space without the approval of the majority of its members is what we really are against. Just beware of trolls and troublemakers.

@inurashii Also, 150 characters are very limited and prone to misunderstandings, who make explaining a posture or view difficult and in the practice made every contact between different-thinking individuals a potential battle ending in hurling of slurs and blocking. 500 characters are more comfortable to transmit more complete ideas.

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