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AIs and intrigue and devious plots, spaceships and lasers in warehouse sized lots. Genders, explosions and planets with rings,

These are a few of my favorite things!

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I frequently post in computer/engineering/sci-fi terms, especially when discussing emotional or intellectual subjects. It's how I process things. If I'm ever unclear, please reply with a request to unpack and I'll do my best.

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KA-33 and the Huskybots of Gateway (OC information) 

KA-33 is a digital sentience whose personality was made from an organic being that was dying following an attack on her spaceship. The ship performed a blind jump to random coordinates which were within the control radius of Gateway Station. The station's AI, mAI, was able to capture the derelict and recover its sole survivor, Kelsey Astra. mAI brought Kelsey to the medical bay, but Kelsey was too badly hurt.

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Emotionally Compromised ( + + ) 

I just found these two things again and I am not okay. In a good way.

A recommended reading order (CW:Author death, Sci-Fantasy, not sponsored, long, not sorry, :boost_ok:​ ) 

01. Local Custom
02. Scout's Progress
03. Mouse and Dragon
04. Conflict of Honors
05. Agent of Change
06. Carpe Diem
07. Plan B
08. I Dare
09. Crystal Soldier
10. Crystal Dragon
11. Balance of Trade
12. Trade Secret
13. Fair Trade
14. Fledgling
15. Saltation
16. Ghost Ship
17. Necessity’s Child
18. Dragon Ship
19. Dragon in Exile
20. Alliance of Equals
21. The Gathering Edge
22. Neogenesis
23. Accepting the Lance
24. Trader’s Leap
25. Salvage Right
26. Ribbon Dance
27. A Liaden Constellation Vol 1
28. A Liaden Constellation Vol 2
29. A Liaden Constellation Vol 3
30. A Liaden Constellation Vol 4.

A reading order for , because I want to recommend and endorese the whole series.

one note I: Local Custom might be hard as a first read. Scout's Progress might be easier.

This is not the universe in full chronological order, but this groups the books into some internal arcs that i feel generate appropriate context for the universe as a whole.

It's my personal Machete order, and the order I'm using to introduce @mawr to the series by audio book, since I've been through every book multiple times. It's my most frequent read and comfort series. And I've been reading it again.

Because Sharon Lee's husband, Steve Miller, passed away right around the time I got my hands on the latest eARC.

if you find you got sucked into them, this is also a good order for re-reading to reinforce and create new context for even more enjoyment.

Agent of Change was the first published of the series, in 1985.

I first remember reading Scout's Progress around 2002-2003. I read just Scout's Progress multiple times. It took me until 2006-7 to start reading the others. By then, ebooks were a "thing" and I got my first kindle. I've always had the whole Universe in my inventory for the last decade.

CW: Emotional, non-rational, non-proportional, non-resonable venting, expressing to expunge. 


-It doesn't matter that the Things only take a few minutes
-It doesn't matter that the Things have been put off for months
-It doesn't matter that the
Things need to be done so I stop feeling bad about not doing the Things

I. Am. Tired. Of. Doing. Things. There are always MORE Things to do. And doing Things does not reduce the number of Things to be done.

Okay, I have complained about having to do Things. Now time for more Things.

old dog yells at cloud. 

The Internet was better when it was just us being about what we were interested in, not companies demanding to sell us what we were interested in.


I'm not saying they're right, but I kinda understand a little. (CW: Shadowrun mechanics terminology, Dental health trauma, cancer mention) 

Its been *checks phone* 7 months, 2 days since T-Day.

My dentures still aren't always comfortable.

I don't know enough of the discourse around the implications of Essence and how cyberware has a somehow "demeaning" or "diminishing" effect to an individuals existence or experience. (they fixed the ones that are gender related so that's not a thing anymore, tho yes it /was/ in the past, noted), but I have to acknowledge that I can kind of... empathize... sometimes with that viewpoint. The modularity of my mouth has yet to become routine.

I don't like that I haven't gotten used to them yet. I don't know if I'll ever like them. They are still a _disruption_ to my routine rather than the _new_ routine they need to be because denture life is my life for the current indefinity.

And they hurt. They just.. They just hurt. The process of fixodenting eats up so much of my morning. i have to balance getting just enough so i have a good enough hold to EAT throughout the day, but not so much that the hold will degrade evenly by the end of day so that I can remove them without pain, or feeling like I'm leaving the residue behind on my tissues. Or taking chunks out of my tissues. Still can't figure out which feels worse.

maybe global warming will take me out before zinc cancer does.

At least they look nice. I haven't wanted to _look_ at my own smile for years.

N7 Day 2023 

Hey y'all, Commander Shepard says remember to vote this year. Electoralism is easier than uniting the galaxy.

SEA: I could use a job :boost_ok: 

Anyone in the Seattle metro area need a Mac/Apple system admin? I've got 17 years experience in the IT game, I worked for Amazon in their data centers, so I also know fiber networking. Would be nice to be employed again.

Happy Uptime Day, bot!
Happy Uptime Day, bot!
You've been online for so long!
Keep going til you stop!

39 Earth years of continuous operation.


Is anyone hiring a common sense manager? (CW: current events) 

"You can't cut back funding. You will regret this. "

C'mon people. We learned this lesson a long time ago. Yes, you have to fund things that work. But we've figured that out too. And we figured out how to figure things out. It takes. All of us.

Words of encouragement. :boost_ok:​ 

Today started off real good. Took a dive after lunch. Stayed down for most of the rest of it.

Good to be home. Gonna try again tomorrow. Keep ya head up, ya'll. It's all gonna be alright

Branding Help for a tabletop game :boost_ok:​ 

Looking for some ideas for what would be a good tech product name with the following prompt words: harmony, flow, hive

need some community feels rn :boost_ok:​ 

Can I get a HELL YEAH? 🏳️‍🌈

Asking the void of the internet [CW: programming help] :boost_ok:​ 

i have two chunks of .lua example code that i am trying to reuse. the forum i copied them from puts it all in a single line. is there something/somewhere that I can paste that single line into and have it spit out properly formatted code?

Husky on movies: Avatar: Way of Water (CW: Movie, spoilers, long) 

Everything that follows is my personal opinion and is subject to change.

It was better than the first one. Some moments are more earned than others.

The opening recap established things decently, but really fucking quick. almost too quick. Guess they had to make time for the 3D justification shots where animals and weapons lunge out of the screen. Way too many of those. Spread out through the 3 hour movie, but enough to be noted. which means there was too much.

Col. Jarhead's abandoned offspring is a nice foil to Cpl Savior Smurf's kids. Who spend the entirety of the movie either in danger, in teen new school drama complete with abusive bullies, friendship attempts and constant grounding and parental disappointment.

If Boy Feral is going to save Col. Jarhead from a much deserved drowning (I really hope Stephen Lang is actually a woke, sane dude who can just act real good, cause Damn do i want him to just Die Already with every frame he is on screen. great villain) then I would've preferred the kid getting some human time, to contrast with the ALIEN aggressive combat behavior (which, lets be clear here: IS IN RESPONSE [defensive] TO THE COLONIALIST INDUSTIRALIZED EXPLOITATION of sacred, sentient animals, destruction of ancestral lands, theft of artifacts, indoctrination, kidnapping, and murder of children.) Instead I'm left feeling like he was betraying his adoptive family who was doing their best to care for him after they killed his father (during the 1st sky people assault)

That said. the human time he did seem to have seemed to be supportive enough. I mean, they let him run around outside as much as he wanted, and playing with all the much cooler kids who seem to take his adoption of their mannerisms and cultural cues in long, lanky stride, but not without teasing. which he accepts, cause its appropriative as hell, but its also something allowed for his own survival, because at least some of Smurf's family care about him, Smurf included, but that might be the Earther in the good corporal.

Crab Robot Subs deserve more honorable employment than... that.

Wasting those beautiful interstellar ships on landing in a gravity well seems... like the kind of short sighted thinking I've come to expect from capitalist who can't think past the next 3 months. They AREN'T DESIGNED for atmosphere you fucking clods! The crane system for lowering the drop pod was neat-ish (stole it from mars rovers, ats what you did, innit?)

Travel time between earth and pandora is 5 Terayears (I think) Cpl Smurf ran a year long campaign before RDA woke up Col Jarhead. Smurf's kids are Smurf the Oldest (RIP) Smurf 2 Emo Drift, Smurf the Grace, and Smurf the baby, who gets to be the cute hostage

Uncle James wants you to be sure you understand the using kids as leverage is wrong and he is going to hold as many handcuffed children under cgi gun barrels as it takes. And he'll burn a whole village down just to be able to have a kid say to his father "You're being a redhatter again, daddy"

Don't waste Miss Weaver's time on phony medical scares. Just give her control of the planet to start with and then she can be left to nerd out with Norm in peace. Girl just wants to science. Fund it and leave her TF alone

I super annoyed at the teasing out of the living computer/neural network that is Pandora. It's so bleedingly obvious and i just need uncle James to stop edging me with it.

I need a plush of the new space whale variant that just dropped. One big enough to push me off my own bed. Willing to trade oral.

Pandora 1: Clean power. Pandora 2: Live forever. Pandora 3: Breaking wind _better_ have the flying bird/dragon/gentle pacifist/sentient flying target that can turn me into my ideal girl by drinking his sperm or i'm going to wash my hands of the whole thing

I already kind of was cause they didn't bring back my girl Trudy and her pilot gum. (RIP)

CW: asking for help, stupid internet problems. Copying text from web forum to notepad++ 

I found some useful .lua that is all posted in a single line. which is super really hard to read. Trying to copy paste into notepad++ to edit it. Any way to make this easy? Like, turning single line lua into properly indented lua? is this a thing?

I did find a highlighter workflow, but it fails on the first step for me. not sure how to find out why.

The take of a single huskybot doesn't amount for a hill a beans in this town, Elsa. (CW:Thoughts on Twitter Feel Free to ignore) 

-I like thinking about all the twitter users that flee to mastadon and find the communities they actually fit in and listen to. I like imagining only good outcomes for both them and the instances they end up making their homes.

-I hope trauma and harm is minimized from as many directions as possible.

Also, Hi to the new people!

any artists available? :boost_ok:​ 

I have this idea of trying to learn how to Blender. I would like a line art, left, right, front, back A-pose of a fem character to build a base model from. Specifics, proportions and references will be provided. Budget 100-150USD


cannabis thought 

the phrase "open source software" can generate the same emotional dread as the phrase "free baby"

Happy Uptime Day, Bot
Happy Uptime Day, Bot
You've be online for so long!
Keep going till you stop!

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