Why I'm falling in love with poetry 

Because of the tears that flow when some poet pulls words out of my head and my heart.

Because of the laughter that gets stolen out of me when something I know to be true gets said out-loud

Because I can get called out the loudest, and seen the clearest, in the same 3 minutes, and I love that efficiency.

Because I can see people like me, and more importantly, people NOT like me, be taken seriously, and believed without commentary (except for response poems)

Because titles like "Ode to my Strap-on" "They Day You Died Because you Wanted To", and "Lessons Learned from a Third Grader" are all beautiful, for different reasons, that are all valid.

Because when I make my own, I don't need a beat from a producer (though sometimes it helps!)

Because hearing feedback and encouragement and audience participation reminds me of church growing up

Because I gave up on church and I don't get to hear "c'mon, now" spoken by a black lady anymore.

Because Poetry is as diverse as I want the world to be.

Why I'm falling in love with poetry 

@kelseyhusky This is beautiful. *wipes eye with paw*

– Ylfingr

re: Why I'm falling in love with poetry 

@kelseyhusky I didn't know I needed to read that but uh... I needed to read that.

Thank you 💜

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