Suburban life was such a bore
Living miles away from action
But when the neighbourhood went to war
You begun to command a faction

A fight of hearts and minds and yard
Signs placed outside houses
New bumper stickers attached to cars
As the election machine rouses

Election day draws ever near
For peace, you intercede
One faction dubs it “project fear”
And claims that you mislead

The rank and file think it true
To them you are the villain
In the battle of red v. blue
It’s you that they want killin’

An unsympathetic Cyril sneers
Because you’ve forgot your place
In this morass of the middle class
You can no longer show your face

In a war of words, the pen
Is mightier than the sword
But fiends pen lies and then, my friends
Are victims to the hoard

Yes, politics is war, my friends
Just without the call to arms
It batters, bruises, and never ends
Even if no one comes to harm

I don’t know what compelled me to write a poem about politics at 1am but I got that first stanza stuck in my head and wanted to write it down somewhere.

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