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Controversial opinion, but having had 'em for a short while now, I don't think Big Sur's icons are *that* bad.
(Mixture of first-party and fan-made icons.)

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*roblox oof sound* nothin wrong with me
*roblox oof sound* nothing wron gwith me
*roblox oof sound* nothin wrong with me
*roblox oof sound* nothin wron gwith me
*roblox oof sound* something's got to give

(Also nice to read something in it that isn't about one of my old teachers passing away. 😬️)

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you may not like it, but this is what beak performance looks like

Why’d they make edible cages if the judges aren’t even eating them‽ (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

re: Long post about initial experiences w/ Google TV 

Oops I sold the Google TV and got an Apple TV instead.

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Random Catholic school upbringing memory: Multiple people always singing "king of kings" a second time in the refrain to "Sing Hosanna" when you only say that line once darn it.

*to the tune of that one bit of the Bill Nye the Science Guy theme tune*


I just did a bunch of toots about tech stuff and then noticed visibility was set to local instance only, so if you want to read those:

The whole bardcore/tavernwave phase seems to have come and gone already, but I do like the legacy it's left of people covering contemporary music in dead languages.

I get the Vatican is aiming to be hip by working to make a 15-year-old cancer victim a saint, but one of the miracles being attributed to him is another cancer patient recovering after touching his t-shirt.

Like... by that virtue basically every medical worker everywhere should be considered a saint, surely?

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If there was a text adventure game named QWERTY that released a new version with graphics and control buttons that made doing certain tasks easier, would people complain about QWERTYUIOP?

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