Only today did I find out Metalsmith exists and boy howdy I gotta find some time to play with this.

It turns out making your own funky Node-based design system management application from scratch is actually kinda hard and oh god why won't it work why

I’ve been on holiday for five days and already waking up at 7am is an insurmountable barrier to getting anything done.

Using your music collection to find out who you are.

Facebook is rebranding. Welp, guess I gotta get ready to update seven million clients' social media icons.

Downing Street refusing to release intelligence report on Russian interference in British elections until after the next election, because that's not suspicious at all.

The Labour Party is crowdsourcing their manifesto this election. Here's some fun suggestions:

* Reform the GRA.
* A Green New Deal.
* Electoral reform to introduce proportional representation.
* Get UBI going soon before people start dying without it.

I invented a new tongue twister.

“Do you want the hat the cat in The Cat in the Hat has?”

Does (on macOS) do something fancy with AirPods/Bluetooth headphones?

I've noticed that, even if they're already paired with my laptop, Music goes through a little pairing process every time I start listening to something through it. It is a mystery.

It only just twigged that it was Halloween day so hey, have a fluffy girl dressed as a fluffy boy for an avatar.

So hyped for new TAZ, oh my gosh.

It'll be the first one that I've actually listened to from the start. Late on the train, whoop whoop.

You ever accidentally invent a bird and then realise it was a bad idea? It’s just like, instant egret.

Kim‽ booped


Well, that’s one more holiday day booked in this year.

I don’t even know why they’re bothering with a Brexit 50p. You know they’re just going to be vandalised.

Pre-ordered Pokemon Shield and booked visit to London Pokemon Centre with

Oh no... I'm a nerd.

I came across this blog post about the aspects of bat anatomy that artists (and probably just people in general) often get wrong and it’s quite a fun little read.

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