Gotta wonder how much power Microsoft Teams is sapping when my laptop's battery lasts like 2× longer when it's not running.

JFK's Rice University speech about the need to land humans on the Moon is just such a damn good speech. So many quotable parts.

State Department thing re: Trump's term ending is probably a hack or similar.

1) The date is written as a timestamp (which ain't how humans write dates). It's also in UTC.
2) The page didn't exist before today.
3) Trump's bio lives on, not the DoS site.

The Defiant and NX-01 Enterprise are especially bad for point 2, where the helmsman literally sits in the middle of the captain's sightline with only a couple of inches (if that) of height difference. Pretty poorly thought out layout, tbh.

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2) Voyager is the only 90s Trek hero ship where the helm console is positioned to give the captain/XO an uninterrupted sightline of the viewscreen.

Like, those both seem like pretty fundamental practical considerations that the others just don't have??

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This tweet was prompted by two main things I noticed:

1) Voyager is the only 90s Trek hero ship where all the bridge officers can use a console without first having to turn around to face a wall.

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Voyager had the best bridge layout of the 90s Trek shows. Don't @ me.

I once heard a quote, I don't remember by who, saying that politics is just war without fighting--but only because everyone agrees to follow the rules.

As soon as someone rejects those rules (say, they refuse to concede after losing an election), it just becomes war.

Trump and a number of his allies got kicked off Twitter today, huh? Nice to see them finally draining that swamp they kept going on about.

Trump has asked his aides if he can pardon himself before he leaves office.

...He does realise that's like, admitting to having committed a crime, right?

Only the most important notifications on MY Apple Watch.

Reminder: Yesterday was not even the first time in recent history that Trump cultists have violently tried to undermine democracy.

You can tell a lot using flags.

We have Trump flags, Confederacy flags, Gadsen flags, neo-Nazi flags, Blue Lives flags, military flags, flags for anti-vax organisations...

The usual suspects, really.

Unrelated to all of the above, but why does BBC News' new "look at this tweet" graphic show everything in such a weirdly skewed perspective?

Rather feels out of place with the other blocky, simple graphics they roll with.

Trump's so incompetent he can't even tell people to stop rioting without lying about the election 🙃️

Should go without saying that these folks aren't patriots or soldiers. They're anti-democracy, anti-American radical traitors.

Under US federal law, sedition carries a prison term of up to 20 years and/or an unlimited fine.

Insurrection carries a term of up to 10 years and/or an unlimited fine.

Treason carries a term of at least 5 years and a fine of at least $10,000.

This is at least one.

"Don't vote for Brexit/Trump. [Myriad of bad things] will happen if that happens."
"Psh, that's an exaggeration. You'll be fine."

*all those bad things have happened*

Pro-Trump demonstrators in DC are now actively trying to enter the Senate to disrupt the vote count happening there.

You know, I'm pretty sure that's a thing called insurrection and makes them traitors to America.

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