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covid-19, mass casualty incidents, schools 

I keep thinking about Sharpies.

Sad that the trophy-delivering robots from the Styrian GP haven’t made an appearance again.

Mercedes seem to be perusing an insane strategy for this.

Random confession: I didn’t learn how to draw the cool S until I was 27.

It’s been said before but it sucks that this year’s Eurovision entrants don’t get to participate next year, because Iceland’s entry is a fucking banger and would’ve swept the whole damn thing.

Green Party follow up questions! Party has set up direct debit and I seem to be on membership mailing list, but I never got anything like a confirmation email.

Am I just waiting to get stuff through snail mail at the mo?

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T’was particularly useful insomuch as it didn’t just go “Yeah, mobile internet in Nairobi is $x per MB” but actually laid it out as a proportion of that country’s average income.

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I don’t know if the site’s no longer available or if my Google-fu is failing me, but does anyone know what that website that showed average internet speeds/costs for different countries was?

Pages had a black background w/ orange(?) accent. Single column. Lots of bar graphs.

Albon ending eighth, after having such a crappy overall weekend, is so damn commendable. Shame his P6 or better record is gone now, though.

But seriously so many cars seem to have spun out this weekend. Seems excessive.

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I know it worked for Hypno-Disc in Robot Wars, but it turns out that you do not "spin to win" in Formula 1.

In combination with the Dragon’s own systems just being touchscreens running a webapp through Chromium and it really seems that JavaScript can do anything nowadays. :P

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At one point following the SpaceX Crew Dragon departure from the ISS last night, they mention a “cacheing failure” on a webview on one of the iPads they use. Makes it sound like they use service workers for the inflight checklists.

Sorry Mastodon I have been very bad at actually looking at you lately.

My home dashboard status screen that had a big ol' Masto feed on it broke a while ago and I haven't gotten around to fixing it yet. 😬️

Kim‽ booped

If you thought we were through the worst of it and curious why talk of a “second wave” has started coming out of government mouths, it’s probably because the average number of cases started going up again a couple of weeks ago.

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