MCM London has a weird theme this year.

At least the queues aren’t as bad as usual.

Y’all ever notice that “thought leadership” outside of the business world just sounds like what a cult leader would call brainwashing?

My wish to become a bird started coming true much faster than anticipated.

The daily American talk shows all being hosted from their homes like they’re a random vlogger on YouTube brings me so much joy.

I’d really quite like to go to the Asian supermarket to get stuff, but getting to the nearest one would be a two mile trip and I doubt many folks would consider that an essential journey when there are many nearer stores.

Man, five minutes until the final few episodes of possibly my favourite show of recent history go out.

I’m gonna heckin’ miss Steven Universe, goddamn.

Don’t even ask me to explain my current monitor set up.

Smart bit of work from Swarm—the app that gameifies the act of going places—flipping the script and awarding you no coins for going out, and extra coins for checking in where you live right now.

The UK has been put on lockdown. You are not to leave your home except for exercise, shopping for necessities, or essential work.

All stores are closed. All public gatherings of more than two people (except family) are banned. The police have been empowered to enforce these.

To UX/web design folks, now is probably a really good opportunity to collate and blog about how different organisations are changing their websites to deal with emergency situations and mass closures. 👀️

Captain's log, stardate today: This Class M planet has some hella weird lifeforms on it.

Nothing more unnerving than going out to the normally crowded village, where there's barely a dozen people around and all but three places are closed, to go to a store where nearly every shelf is empty.

Very much feels like an alternative universe.

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