there is no edit button so pretend i said "yip" at the bottom of my last tweet


anyway hi i lost my job due to long covid and now i got mono

trying to do my own thing for a bit

hmu if you want a $5 game server, or to comm me for something like a twitch interactive toy or roll20 maps or something

is masto actually worth it these days

starting to feel like every social media doesn't feel right these days

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now i can release the tune i made for the maj7 collab for the infloresce stream

gif by my partner sophie
ill put the tune on soundcloud later

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Please boost, need financial help with student loans and debt from social security overpayment 

@mutualaid #mutualaid

Hello, I’m in quite a lot of financial trouble atm:

I’m going to have to start paying the second part of my student debt because I made the mistake of getting into a private school in 2015 (it was split into two as a former agreement so it would be easier on me since I changed where I was studying and would take longer to not be a student anymore). The loan I have calls for monthly installments of 389€, which I cannot affort at the moment. I called them to revise the installments so I can pay less every month, but they told me I need to pay at least one installments before that can be adjusted. So I’ll have to shell that out at least next month

In addition, social security has overpaid me for 391€ for three months last year and is asking for that money back. They’re going to hold it from my payment next month and I’ll only get 12€ or so from them, so the timing is extremely bad

The financial strain of all this is way too much for me and my current income as I’m still an apprentice and I’ll be until June − I’ll have to line up a job then, and I really need any help I can get.

Any amount is welcome, but if you can’t donate, boosts go a long way too

casual reminder i make music and i like my music a lot despite being a complete amateur

psst im hosting a sweepstakes this sunday if you want a character animation has details

re: sick 

@noiob hope you bounce back soon!

updated my music!

- added a new song, "The Dining Hall Murder"
- added a link to Jummbus
- added a checkbox to auto play songs (which remembers your setting between page refreshes)

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job search, please share 

Hey y'all, I'm a systems software developer with 5+ years of experience and based in Seattle (PST, or GMT-8), looking to come back into the industry after too damn long out of it. I'm looking for a remote SRE gig somewhere trans-friendly. Are you perhaps looking for talent, or would know of somewhere like that that is?

My resume is at

I'd also really appreciate if you boost this and spread it around. Thanks :)

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