I drew a space miner taking a rest.
If you want an image like this, they're £60 per subject.

Windows [ _ ] [ □ ] [ ✖ ]

❌ A Goblin

has occurred

[ Ok ]

RPG quest where your companion who is a furry wants revenge on a former ally who is also a furry. You're going to get the betrayer at a con. As the briefing ends your companion says "you'll need to blend in" and then there's a second character creator where you make your fursona

I had to delete and redraft this because autocorrect took what I was saying and made it wrong for fun and out of malice

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petition to erase autocorrect and just put a keyboard on every device please

lo-fi beats to be gay and do crime to

🏳️‍⚧️guess who has up to date unicode on her phone🏳️‍⚧️

if you try and put a vec3 or a vector of length greater than 1 it trips your motherboard's protection circuitry and turns the entire system off

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120 watt PCI-e card that calculates dot products from normalised 2D vectors only. Nothing else.

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