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silicon valley announces latest new computer, AI. "We Created A Computer That Cant Fucking Do Math".
Journaleists report this computer is making ten trillion dollars an hour. But it is also costing twenty trillion dollars an hour every single second. The CEO of tech, Satya And Ella, had this to say: We are firing everyone

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Don't let a minority of bigots and transphobes persecute those who need medical help. Please sign if you live in the UK. Please boost the post if you can.

Petition: Do not ban transgender people from receiving care in mainstream hospital wards

Discord straight up just breaks over absolutely nothing these days. It's incredible how often I have to force quit that shit to get a broken menu out of the way

Obviously I don't know the man but Todd Howard seems to me a lot like Michael Bay:
Obviously knows what he likes and what looks good, but seemingly has no coherent or mature understanding of his medium at all

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You know, in the 80s people often said things like "in 40 years, everything will have computers in them", and while they weren't wrong, they severely underestimated the situation.
Our computers have computers in them. Those smaller computers often have even smaller computers inside them.

We didn't get a "everything is a computer" future, we got a future with fractal computers. The fuckers have metastasized

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WHERE THE WEB IS GOING: The convergence of LLMs and web advertising will lead to "ads" consisting of several hundred gigabytes of javascript containing a (weighted) neural network designed to generate unique per-user video advertisements—generated on your computer at your expense to ensure the imagery is unique and evades AI-based ad-blockers.

"AI spam" is an entire AI, squatting on your CPU and making it glow dull red as it works out how to capture your attention.

Welcome to the spamularity.

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hi, if anyone else is having problems, this is what worked for me: uninstall visual studio, then reinstall visual studio using the advanced settings (hold shift). then uninstall visual studio, then restart to clean up remaining files. then reinstall visual studio MANUALLY not using the advanced settings, so that when we're about to uninstall it again it'll clean up the environment files. once we've uninstalled it, begin reinstalling visual studio using the advanced admin script. then uninstall v

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Raise your hand if you ever made a paper snake out of tear-off tractor-feed margins.

I hate how all VR hardware (at least what I've used) wants to be a "plaatform" with a subscription and interface and all that shit instead of a computer peripheral. You know. The thing they are

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I never thought my adult life would be spent watching people aggressively and constantly going to bat for the most average media created by the worst most reprehensible people

Is there a really thin/small sbc with real gpu drivers under android and such? And a compatible (and also thin) hd touchscreen for it?

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i would really like a phone with a physical kb again

UBI wouldn't fix everything but I'd have a much easier time being alive

How much does it cost to advertise on youtube??? How much are people spending to try & force me to see rogan listening intently to a creationist or whatever? Almost half the ads I see when I open the app to manage a playlist or whatever are like real life illegal

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