also characters don't really need to be deep in fiction, they just have to serve the narrative. the Joker can absolutely be compelling as a random crisis generator for hypermethodical batman

I don't think the joker should ever present coherent reasons for what he does. he shouldn't have a traumatic past or any past at all. I dont think he should strictly even be intentionally criminal. I think the joker should just be someone who continually does things with no clear connective logic or purpose

doom eternal spoilers, politic 

on one hand I'm glad for fairly standardised computers with similar layouts from the RPI0 up to weird carbon fibre water cooler computo-pyramid from alienware
but on the other hand im gonna miss weird architecturally unique machines

as a non-american, theres a lot of things in The Simpsons which i thought were surreal jokes, but turned out to actually be real and normal in america

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PSA: last night one of our pyrex cooking dishes exploded.

not fractured, exploded. โ€œpyrex isnโ€™t supposed to do thatโ€ we thought.

as of a few years ago, Pyrex sold their brand, the new company changed glass recipe as a cost cutting measure, resulting in a pandemic of exploding cookware and a class action lawsuit.

thankfully the patent has expired and the keyword to look for in competing glass cookware products is โ€œborosilicate glassโ€

I remember when I joined flagship and it was literally just Josef and 3 or 4 other people including garg
it was wild watching this platform happen

When a laid-back painter suddenly finds himself atop the world of organized crime... Bob Ross, Mob Boss

my android phone: "im connected to wifi. here's your 70mb/s"
every windows machine in the house: "what is this "why phi"? by what method is the net ethere'd? why would I "connect" to this "interconnected-network". Ok, fine. I'll fulfil your foul request. but only at .7kb/s"

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