I watched a reviewbrah/TheReportOfTheWeek video for the first time and I think this man is a type of creature to me (positive)

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my two remaining braincells when the chocobo theme comes on: :blobuwu:

parameter driven foot animation (cube = foot, sphere = hip)

It's long since become irrelevant to me and it's about a decade late, but if I wanted to i could, with a great deal of effort/money and under specific circumstances, pass as cis. 75% of the people who know me irl would still misgender me.

re: UK passport question 

@Violet mine failed the automatic checks despite being exactly what they asked for. I remember there being an option to appeal it, which caused what would be one of many delays, but they did eventually accept it

CW: epilepsy warning. In-development game footage 

made the visuals just about work the way I wanted (pretty crunchy though). It takes bullet drop into account, but can't deal with moving targets yet.

@argr gear is a step in the classic nerd progression

As an occasional hard sci-fi artist, the most exciting thing about fusion in the short term is I know how the reactors look now

@argr shoulders have absolutely no immediately sensible geometry to them

@jk I love how realistically implemented the initially absurd dream premise is

youtu.be/mMNGUvREV8g cheapish particles with what looks enough like physics that im not bothered. i need everything in my game to explode and rigidbodies are too slow for that

we already have ace mech pilots and they all work in construction

@masklayer I think it's a crime to vote in America if you live in the UK and are a British citizen and frankly it's not a cool enough crime to be worth the effort

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Instance admins can read your DMs in the same way Twitter admins could read your DMs (actually, generally with fewer tools for it)
The difference is your Instance admins are most likely trans anarchists while Twitter admins were terfs, nazis, or worse - tech graduates.

@argr in my defence i didnt play Disco Elysium on stream

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