@Fenreliania you can have internal diagnostics?

In all seriousness mine seem to enable and disable themselves arbitrarily

I used to be able to make myself believe things could get better for me

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3D Dudes,
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A 3d, virtual fighting game where you can fight your dude against various other dudes. You can personalize your dude to have your own picture and voice. Or you can use any one of the existing dudes to fight with.

@Fenreliania kiwami japan is not only a chemist but a knife maker if not blacksmith so there's also that

@clayote I always viewed it as practice in terms of how playing is having a body practice. Kid's gonna have a body but it still needs calibration from falling off stuff, spinning around, touching dirt and other things children like to do. Innate qualities require honing to reach their potential

@argr why are they sweetening mayonnaise?????

@SuricrasiaOnline woodgrain style vynil decals for your physical security keys

@Nine I think it's reasonable to think that your game can only get so much more popular but it just keeps happening. Also being part of a big shitty faceless company means you have to justify expenditure to the higher-ups, even in terms of basic infrastructure. On top of that, the public infrastructure _around_ FF14's also tends to buckle under the sheer mass of the game's popularity

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@argr I assumed the skill voices are all ways he is /capable/ of speaking, especially given a certain spoiler-event where his voice is audible diegetically

@typhlosion i like how i can just drive around real fast with my "antifa69" license plate listening to drum and bass and somehow be rewarded for ignoring all of the missions

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