@body its decently likely to be the first thing anyone does with the technology


@Fenreliania dense cakes with flavour are, traditionally speaking, poor people shit.
low density foods are prized because rich people still long for the time prior to the abolition of slavery, and prior to the level of dentistry required to be able to continuously eat tough foods when you also have unlimited access to hard drugs, alcohol, tobacco and refined starch.

I like how I cant make rational decisions because I hate myself too much and the foundation of my psyche is built on the idea that I deserve this.
cool how factors that reinforce that idea are imposed on me by forces I cant control and probably won't mitigate because I cant believe i deserve to fight back, even though I know that to be true

fascism and genocide mention, tl;dr crushing fascism is essential to our collective survival 

while it's important to remember that fascists are wildly incompetent and pathetic, it's also important to remember that an incompetently executed genocide is still a historic catastrophe.
The price for complacency is too high

I will never know the dude personally or even speak to him once but I would rather he live well and never make anything else than destroy himself producing any amount of pages for a manga I like

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i need to learn to accept help
but i have never learned anything, so ill just die ig

you ever have a really bad nightmare that refuses to leave you even once you wake up?

@jk need accounting? vast amounts of mathmatics problems solved? a simulation? computers are dang fast at that and they just do it until it's done or they break.
Plus the entire world is based on imposing numbers on things that just exist in order to maximally exploit them so people who have never done anything can continue stockpiling platinum ass wipes and white gold toothpicks

@jk 'swhat happens when someone invents a machine that's good at what your bad at and requires little supervision compared to like, a jackhammer or pie making machine

maybe put some of that R&D budget towards making new CPUs? instead of just skylake again?

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the fact that intel is paying people to use their chips, is unable to shrink their process sizes (because they're still using skylake from 2015) and is just worse at using their own micro-architecture IP than AMD is just hilarious to me

@tom given that intel is currently paying people to use their rebadged, overclocked skylake chips i think you'll get your wish soon

@body homestuck was free and tapped into the broadening audience of video game understanders and a growing culture of bitter absurdism. It was the right thing at the right time to get extremely popular. It even has the thing where you can sort yourself into a fictional ingroup

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