@body would love to say furry irl but anything besides "dead" is pretty unrealistic

@noiob I find this is an oddly common problem with audio streaming software (even when it's playing local content)

lo-fi beats to be gay and do crime to

@body this is why my tiny room is good actually, all I have to do to get into bed is fall over backwards from my chair

🏳️‍⚧️guess who has up to date unicode on her phone🏳️‍⚧️

re: video game 

@body (both terraria and starbound used unpaid child programmers that they promised to pay then did not)

@envgen cyberpunk 2077 looks good in ways that no consumer is ever going to give a shit about and was made under sweatshop conditions and written by a bunch of 4channers who think punk is conservatism where you swear a lot

re: CP2077 

@pearshapes I would let them patch it for maybe a year, and buy it at a large discount or secondhand for a 9th gen console (the 8th gen versions do not work), should you buy it at all.

re: CP2077 

@pearshapes also your gendering is tied to your voice (2 choices), and gendered terms in the subtitles glow as if to mock you. It made a joke about how funny it was when the americans nuked japan at the end of WW2. The writing team was sourced entirely from 4chan I think


@pearshapes I've played maybe 2 hours but most of it was waiting for things to load in, unfreeze and start working. What is clear to me is how expensive it was and how it needed another year and 100 more people working on it

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