fantasy writers with conlangs or fake words that still use sounds common in imperial languages aren't allowed to use mid-word apostrophes. it serves no purpose and makes your bullshit worse to say

ff 13 is like one of those RPGs clearly made by 1 person who is not a writer, that just spout expository nonsense you don't understand with no context at all nonstop

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5G exists so mobile companies can tell their shareholders that the numbers are much higher now. The numbers are so much bigger, guys. thats why you should give us money so we can waste it

@jk they're cutting down trees in some parts of london just so 5G will even work

@jk don't worry 5G has a range of 3 feet and cannot penetrate most solids
it has high bandwidth in the sense a 1TB microSD delivered via slingshot does

I want batman to hear about a crime, find that it's just a riddler thing and sigh with relief because at least its deterministic

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I call them puzzles for clarity, not as an accurate descriptor of what they are. The riddler does actual puzzles

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the joker should just make Sierra adventure game puzzles in real life; which is to say create problems that are hideously contrived and can only be solved in hideously contrived ways, but because he operates in a physical reality the weird contrived nonsense he sets up always kills at least a dozen people

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also characters don't really need to be deep in fiction, they just have to serve the narrative. the Joker can absolutely be compelling as a random crisis generator for hypermethodical batman

I don't think the joker should ever present coherent reasons for what he does. he shouldn't have a traumatic past or any past at all. I dont think he should strictly even be intentionally criminal. I think the joker should just be someone who continually does things with no clear connective logic or purpose

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