kyra booped

@argr I assumed the skill voices are all ways he is /capable/ of speaking, especially given a certain spoiler-event where his voice is audible diegetically

@typhlosion i like how i can just drive around real fast with my "antifa69" license plate listening to drum and bass and somehow be rewarded for ignoring all of the missions

@noiob lol this technique lives on as late as halo 4, as far as I know

re: transphobia 

@argr "I was already a transphobe, but mild inconvenience has driven me to more open bigotry"

@jk I think it's because all chips are micro now. You seen an I phone ? Dang

@SuricrasiaOnline evil in terms of summoning a demon army or evil in terms of stoking global fascism? I know which I prefer

@SuricrasiaOnline this sounds a lot better than what facebook actually is

kyra booped

advertising is someone paying someone else for the privilege to shit in your brain

Child: Can I have Metroid Dread?
Parent: We have Metroid at home!
Metroid at home:

@XerTheSquirrel iirc nintendOS is derived from a version of android with that same bug. I've had a couple of phones with it and it dates back years

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