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fun fact: the number of transistors in a high-end CPU is just now passing the number of stars in our galaxy.

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@jk it looks like a great VR headset with 20 extra other things which makes it a piece of shit VR headset that costs too much

@argr njoying a game is the best way to get good at it

I'm so fucking excited about my current project but I'm trying to keep internal pressure high

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*non-game journalist writing about video games* many people may not realize that video games are big business. in fact, many millions of people actually play video games, sometimes multiple times. the games industry is so big, in fact, by 2025 it's reported to eclipse movies, TV, agriculture, oil, and the military. so who are gamers, and who makes their games? we take a look into the weird world of video game creators. called 'developers', these geeky nerds actually make games using a computer

re last awoo: google and all big companies like it are deeply fucking pathetic

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so apparently google have added a little bit of JS to youtube that adds a delay for loading, but only if your useragent is Firefox.

you can fix it by adding this line to your uBlock Origin filters., resolve(1), *, 0.001)

UPDATE: They fucking admitted it! Out loud!!

@noiob you cook it out of the animal parts then you can either dry it for later or mix it into stuff and it'll set when it cools; all this to say it would work but it would be a meat drink and i think a vector for novel diseases

@noiob I think animal gelatin would be a bad thing to suspend in a fluid from a health and safety standpoint

@duskdev Godot has the most powerful animation system I've ever seen outside of like... animation software; but it's generally best used for animations and stuff sort of adjacent to that

@duskdev weapon bob & camera shake are uniquely well suited for script-generated motion. The animation system is best for characters & more complex objects, or things that are going to play out the same every time with two or three keyframes that would be a waste to script. Scripting weapon bob & stuff lets you easily plug a bunch of data in there to make it look good which would actually be more complex to do via animation. Also you can 100% do everything with animations in Godot. Don't though

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@foone military stuff doesn't have computers in it as such, but they do have a lot of computer-adjacent cyber organs that turn electrons into a monochrome projection that describes your velocity in 3D space and things like that

@foone in my mecha setting, the "brains" used in security intensive applications are single-purpose analogue machines encased in a special radiation scattering ceramic with certain components placed slightly differently each time to avoid stuff like remote microwave beam hacking

@duskdev yeah i think your best bet is a subviewport+extra camera+render layer 2 viewmodel and lights that run set_layer_mask_value(2,true) on themselves in the ready function

@duskdev best answer I got for you is "it sure does man" (this is a joke I know it sucks).
As a game developer who has never created a product anyone has played, my favourite way to do an FPS gun is to make it an object in the world. (This is also a joke, because it's an accurate description of what I'm like)

I guess a constant question in engine design is which weird dirty hacks to include when basically every genre has different ones in order to work right

@duskdev in terms of lighting; the different render layer+subviewport method. Unfortunately I think you might wanna use an extended light which sets itself to be on render layer 1 and also 2 or wherever you keep your viewmodel

@duskdev I've used subviewports and also the disable depth testing flag available in materias/shaders

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