@Nine a lot of the userbase of mechanical keyboards are people who are only interested in converting calories to javascript and think that the website running at 30FPS on their £23,000 AIO macintosh is just fine.
Then you have gamers, who generally don't need a numpad, and then you have people who make keyboards, who can add or exclude a numpad at their leisure

@body this'd be a really good creepy show imo. just play the fake shit completely straight and have _very_ subtle and more convincing background stuff that you never address

cool PSA!! if you're having trouble with content warnings outside of flashing lights and such, think.... when you got the DiRT:

Disturbing: is the content disturbing, upsetting, or otherwise disquieting to the viewer?

Raunchy - is the content sexual or suggestive, or does it depict sexual body parts?

Touchy - is the content about a controversial or personal subject, such as politics or mental health?

...think twice! tag once! and always listen to your folks when they think a CW is needed

@wxcafe yeah but will the linux version have the feature where it installs itself repeatedly without asking permission?

re: medical-adjacent, furryposting 

@body just replace your ribs with a titanium-laminated tungsten carbide roll cage

There is only one problem that "blockchain" is the right answer to, and that problem is "how do I quickly evaluate if someone is a complete crank when it comes to technology?".

(Muting this post because frankly watching folks try to justify this technology is even more of a waste of computing and mental resources than blockchain itself).

@noiob PC case with waterproof 3 pin industrial input for 5ghz overclocking even on rough waters

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