@mint I literally made a bunch if the emoji for the instance I'm tooting from rn (as well as the mascot and monthly art, for a time). icon is also my art, I can do whatever you need just hit me up and I'll reply in the morning (it is 1:20am and I gotta sleep)

@envgen you can mount it the other way, the direction of the air doesn't make a difference so you dont need to worry about that

@noiob i think tiktok has more features, all of which serve to increase overall toxicity

pitch: a video game character creator that just has one slider and it's labeled "anime", the higher it goes the more anime your character becomes

@tom I mean companies do that even when it's a standard thing. half the time when they have some stupid Β£80 proprietary dongle they stop selling it after 3 months, which I'm sure is very profitable for them

@tom the fun thing is standards make everything cheaper and easier for everyone, so this is just OEMs being shite because they can

@tom my laptop's usb C has a HDMI adapter. it might work with other HDMI adapters, but you'll just have to find out which ones c;

@tom by reliant I mean you have to have standards for literally any of this to work ever

@tom for being by far the most reliant on strict adherence to standards, consumer electronics is really bad at it.
capitalism works thought right

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