RPG quest where your companion who is a furry wants revenge on a former ally who is also a furry. You're going to get the betrayer at a con. As the briefing ends your companion says "you'll need to blend in" and then there's a second character creator where you make your fursona

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@kyra it bad that my brain immediately went "what if a Yakuza side story where this happens and Kiryuu has to infiltrate a furry convention and create a fursona and if you complete it, there's a secret side-story where you do more furry con stuff and the final reward is getting a fursuit that Kiryuu comissioned, and you can wear it as an outfit for the entire rest of the game, cutscenes included.

...Majima is also there and has one. you can fight each other in the fursuits.

@kyra help i'm thinking far too much about this now oh my god it's perfect ;w;

also Kiryuu's fursuit has the same stoic ]:| expression on their face the whole time too, but has mouth articulation so the suit can go ]:O whenever Kiryuu sees something Rad.

@Nine the secret is that the paw gloves are full of iron sand so its like being hit with a cannon ball

@kyra (Majima helped Kiryuu come up with that I bet you anything)

@kyra like i said, 'helped' ;3

wouldn't be fun if Kiryuu couldn't pack more of a punch in their inevitable fight.

@kyra It'd be a crime if you couldn't afterwards do the rest of the game as your fursona.

@Murkrow I am poor to a degree that is not life threatening, but could be after a mildly bad month

@Murkrow and I don't accept unpaid labour, I have enough trouble taking willingly given mutual aid

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