adult topics, queer genitals 

Should a nullpatch be purely defined as "the opposite of hyper", or is it its own type of thing?

If the latter: What would a hyper nullpatch be? (Nullbulges don't count, since they merely reincorporate penis-ness)

Maybe a hyper nullpatch would add even more layers of armor and obscurity, and even more specific obscure techniques for attaining orgasm


re: adult topics, queer genitals 

@body defensive systems array in this order from inside to outside: kinetic dampening + perhaps a numbing layer; a high-density elastic skinned foam, aerogel, mass-based armour of a dense titanium or steel alloy in a sloped configuration, followed by a reactive-ablative system and a thermoptic camouflage system

re: adult topics, queer genitals 

@body you have to give up some of the slope geometry to avoid phallic associations but the multilayered approach makes up for it

re: adult topics, queer genitals 

@kyra Now that's what I'm fucken talkin about

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