Probably 75% of the cost of software in terms of power draw/time pollution is the result of development becoming an adult daycare job

If I had a penny for every insane decision I've had to deal with in someone else's codebase, it would almost come to a competitive rate for the work I did over 6 years trying to be normal in offices

Imagine telling someone in the 00s that writing software for a chain of shops, a financial services company and a CRM company wouldn't even pay off a credit card despite the fact I don't have dependants, have "cheap" rent for my area, don't drink or smoke or drive or any expensive stuff like that.

Idk it's hard to get into tech when you're my kind of disabled, because the "getting into" process is kind of just being given tasks by people who don't understand what they're asking you to do, and then they fire you for being visibly overworked to the point of despair

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