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I want to meet a horseshoe crab one day

What do I have to do to stop eBay from lying to me for 5 minutes

ubsioft is a sweatshop that makes funko pops

kyra booped
kyra booped

there's a LOT of socks that purport to fix some kind of medical issue, but none that seem to be able to treat the whole "having human feet" thing

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I get that d2 has some interesting weapons but with the special ones you can only equip one at a time. In Wf i can carry a gunblade, a pistol that can shoot its own mag out to make a gun turret & an otherwise normal shotgun that I've specced so there's more than twice as much buckshot, which is radioactive & serrated & crits more than 100% of the time so the crit multiplyer gets applied at least twice per projectile, of which there are 30. I shoot a machine god & it shatters like cheap crockery

Guess I'm just a freak cos i play single player games a lot, repeatedly, and find multiplayer fairly distressing for the most part

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I wish bungie would just use their tools for destiny to make a single player game. I'd play it more than i play destiny 2. The expansion in the snow place is obviously not meant to be played alone and i just don't know anyone who plays the game with any frequency. Plus it's huge and i can just use my limited hdd space for something else

Don't think I'm ever going to top "god-emperor of the advertainment division, bobby kotick"

thank you everyone who helped, things are chill for now

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I need £40 to make this bill, pls help if you can

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Ebay and my bank are not letting me use my own money that I have, so it would be really excellent if I could earn some commission money please. ko-fi donation/commission link under CW. 

They usually take a few years to get really bad, but once they start on that trajectory they'll do anything to keep fucking everyone over to increment a value mostly decided by the opinions of a group of over-privelaged, under-socialised Europeans in ugly and expensive outfits

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