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for my entire life i've been so confused about why everybody's doing things all the time. arent you all afraid to death that somebody will see you and know that you exist????

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combination pizza hut and taco bell with multiversal time travel

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Twitter User

- money
- automotive
- aerospace
- the kind of memes that a 50 year old would enjoy
- the kind of memes that a 30 year old would enjoy

average user operates on a level of consciousness that would flay the average twitter user's mind to pieces

NSFW account name 

twitter cannot fucking hold a candle to this website and should stop trying

I have finally been granted HRT!

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It's important to remember that the nazis saw the United States as a role-model

so frustrated with game development that I did my taxes

I wish literally anything at all would work today.

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Using a rock to smash an iphone and get the meat inside

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imagine if there was only one horse and it was called The Horse

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Halo/Metroid/Doom crossover slice of life sketch, mildly implied alcohol 

This idea was worth less than the small amount of time I dedicated to it

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