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parameter driven foot animation (cube = foot, sphere = hip)

It's long since become irrelevant to me and it's about a decade late, but if I wanted to i could, with a great deal of effort/money and under specific circumstances, pass as cis. 75% of the people who know me irl would still misgender me.

CW: epilepsy warning. In-development game footage 

made the visuals just about work the way I wanted (pretty crunchy though). It takes bullet drop into account, but can't deal with moving targets yet.

As an occasional hard sci-fi artist, the most exciting thing about fusion in the short term is I know how the reactors look now cheapish particles with what looks enough like physics that im not bothered. i need everything in my game to explode and rigidbodies are too slow for that

we already have ace mech pilots and they all work in construction

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Instance admins can read your DMs in the same way Twitter admins could read your DMs (actually, generally with fewer tools for it)
The difference is your Instance admins are most likely trans anarchists while Twitter admins were terfs, nazis, or worse - tech graduates.

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Mastodon history fact: In the first month or so before content warnings were implemented in the software, we all largely used rot13 to obscure stuff that needed a content warning, after many people pointed out the need to be considerate with your content on a public timeline.

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the different types of aliens in video games:

- human guy but with alien costume (monstrous face)
- human girl but with alien skin-paint (attractive face)
- blob/coral reef
- locust swarm
- heavy metal hell demon (monstrous but very Cool face)
- plausible creature with memorable characteristics distinct from any terrestrial animal (very rare)

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I used to be able to make myself believe things could get better for me

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3D Dudes,
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A 3d, virtual fighting game where you can fight your dude against various other dudes. You can personalize your dude to have your own picture and voice. Or you can use any one of the existing dudes to fight with.

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