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WHERE THE WEB IS GOING: The convergence of LLMs and web advertising will lead to "ads" consisting of several hundred gigabytes of javascript containing a (weighted) neural network designed to generate unique per-user video advertisements—generated on your computer at your expense to ensure the imagery is unique and evades AI-based ad-blockers.

"AI spam" is an entire AI, squatting on your CPU and making it glow dull red as it works out how to capture your attention.

Welcome to the spamularity.

hi, if anyone else is having problems, this is what worked for me: uninstall visual studio, then reinstall visual studio using the advanced settings (hold shift). then uninstall visual studio, then restart to clean up remaining files. then reinstall visual studio MANUALLY not using the advanced settings, so that when we're about to uninstall it again it'll clean up the environment files. once we've uninstalled it, begin reinstalling visual studio using the advanced admin script. then uninstall v

Raise your hand if you ever made a paper snake out of tear-off tractor-feed margins.

I hate how all VR hardware (at least what I've used) wants to be a "plaatform" with a subscription and interface and all that shit instead of a computer peripheral. You know. The thing they are

I never thought my adult life would be spent watching people aggressively and constantly going to bat for the most average media created by the worst most reprehensible people

Is there a really thin/small sbc with real gpu drivers under android and such? And a compatible (and also thin) hd touchscreen for it?

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UBI wouldn't fix everything but I'd have a much easier time being alive

How much does it cost to advertise on youtube??? How much are people spending to try & force me to see rogan listening intently to a creationist or whatever? Almost half the ads I see when I open the app to manage a playlist or whatever are like real life illegal

wild how youtube will just bombard you with sub-bottom shelf scams & righwing misinfo & calls to violence & you don't even get a clear option to say for example "this isn't even an advert for a thing it's just a virus website illegally using the likeness of jimmy MrBeast" or "this is hate speech"

I spent a decade of my life creating game assets, the result is a lot of game assets. They're free, no ads, no tracking, no registration, no subscription, no permission needed, no need for attribution and suited for any use including commercial.

We don't live in a realistic world anymore. The sky is turning red in places because their world is on fire; either because of the mass murder of children or because the powers being drawn upon to murder them are killing the only planet we live on. The difference is, in fiction some weirdo would be fistfighting buff Joe Biden atop some symbolic superstructure

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The fact we live in a time of empires brutalising the lower classes to death for short-term power in the face of a number of world-scale threats doesn't stop being true just cos the emperors call themselves some other boring thing & use artillery & drones instead of dragons or robots or whatever

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If your response to someone pointing out that art is in fact political, is to accuse them of hating escapism...
Well first of all you're probably an incurious and weak-willed goon but also too narrow minded to understand how *being able to do something about politics* is an escapist fantasy to most

Idk it's hard to get into tech when you're my kind of disabled, because the "getting into" process is kind of just being given tasks by people who don't understand what they're asking you to do, and then they fire you for being visibly overworked to the point of despair

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