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The lazy, white supremacist trope in fantasy writing where nonhuman races represent nonwhite humans has a name now: Tolkien Minorities.

That is all.

Dunking on stealth fash sympathizers, Unethical experimentation 

Shirtless, Ink, Bathroom Pic 

truck anatomy 

@InTheLandOfTheRisingSun who could have expected materials that handle energy transmission and emission wouldn't like to *check notes* be rearranged repeatedly

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Queercrip Anarchist Take of the Night 

@pandora_parrot @hyenagirl64 so so much approval of this. we've played some randomised zelda 1 recently and it's been a great journey back to happy places

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Gay as in "whether or not we're of the 'same gender', this relationship falls well outside the scope of what's expected by cishetero-patriarchy".

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Please RT, Boost, share this post

*hugs you all* here is the gofundme link for my car crash if anyone can help me. I am scared to ask and humbled having doing so. thank you all for any and all help yall can provide in my dark days.

@PK it is such a treasure, one of our first purchases when we got a laserdisc player

@PK wow someone else actually read all the COPPA warnings

alternatively, insert "not technically a teen" Gravity Falls reference here

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So, my wife and I have conjured a way out of the Ship of Theseus Paradox.

Replace every part as they wear with Performance parts.

The Speedboat of Theseus solution.

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software engineering is a social science. you're not solving computer problems, you're using computers to solve people problems. that's why it's so important to design accordingly

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Look, the only time travel metric for how far back or forward you've gone is one that is relative to the time/date/year you left.
BC/AD is not universal, and any attempt to set a universal measure would have to agree on a starting point.
This way, you could travel and know it's T minus 1200, or T plus 100. A fellow traveler might describe themselves in your time as T-50, for which you flip the sign and know for certain it's T+50 to you.
None of this Gregorian calendar nonsense. :-)

food Last we checked we're still at the "guess what every single button does because it's just an empty square box" on mobile with most instances (those running stock mastodon frontends), which is utterly ridiculous.

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