So, @ConnyDuck -- there's a subtle problem, let's call it a conceptual design issue, with the filter options on #Tusky.

I kinda agree with @eryn* that:

1. just being able to see one iteration of replies isn't enough to enable keeping track of conversations
2. social media as a *communication* tool is why we're here on Mastodon
3. ...instead of Twitspace or Fazebook, where social media is viewed more as an attention-absorbing, click-aggregating tool
4. ...which is the kind of thing that only being able to track one iteration of replies *does* tend to support.

TLDR: "new mentions only" kinda supports corporate thinking, where "all mentions" is more user-empowering.

* thread begins at


@woozle @ConnyDuck @eryn I think this is a misunderstanding, I just tested it and it does show replies to replies in a conversation. I'm guessing that "new" refers to the fact that it won't show notifications you have dismissed

@noiob @woozle @eryn I don't understand what the problem is. It just means it will show you notifications about new mentions and you can uncheck it if you don't want them?

@ConnyDuck I'll check with @eryn when they're available. Thanks for responding so quickly!

cc : @noiob

@ConnyDuck @noiob this may have overlap with the "missing some replies in notifications" bug that @woozle and I have both observed and tried to nail down (and I think @Harena too?).

I have a screencap of where there are replies in a thread, but the notifications tab of the app do not show them, and there was no push notification popup either at the time, although screenshotting something *not* happening is, obviously, impossible.

I'm crashing after a 15+ hour day, and can't remember where my phone is, but suffice it to say I know I've got screenshots of the disparity, and I'll post them in response once I'm less fried (and find my droidphone).

The app is awesome.
Thanks so much for responding on this.

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