I love how on Mastodon a post feels like it's doing numbers at ten interactions because that already makes the notifications column unusable

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@noiob i love disabling all notifications except for mentions and just rapidfire shitposting into the void

@trwnh I try that from time to time but it makes me feel lonely when i say "im gay" and get no reaction

@trwnh okay I'd probably get at least one "me too thanks" on that

@noiob switch over occasionally to the "all" tab maybe

or look at the fave / boost tabs specifically for the Nice chemicals if that's your thing

@noiob but more functionally it helps shape the way i interact with this platform which is not to chase the numbers but instead to just spill my thoughts out and maybe have a conversation

@noiob i like talking to people and not feeling alone in existence, so i optimize for more talking and less silent acknowledgement that feels less real idk

@noiob on some level yes

on another level it does get kind of counterproductive when i post things that don't get replies and i happened to be expecting acknowledgement for some reason? feels like i'm being ignored, and i get really solipsistic and start to dissociate

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