A family can be a lawyer, the ghost of his dead mentor and her sister, a spirit medium in training

@tom @noiob OH MY GOD thank goodness I'm not alone in reading the entirety of Edgeworth and Phoenix's interactions as absolutely long-term-relationship energy because oh my god those two just need to kiss already the way Phoenix FUCKIN PINES AND SHIT over Edgeworth and it makes it seem like he fuckin' died or walked out on him or some shit and it just turns out No he went away for a short while as he was investigating something just... fuckin... c'mon, Wright. He was gone for a few WEEKS at most

@tom @Nine stop spoiling me I'm only playing the first game

@noiob @tom trust me we are not spoiling anything, it's gonna be wiiiiild

@Nine @tom afaik the anime's just a re-telling of the first game. The start is really rough, you can tell they didn't have enough time or budget but it gets a lot better

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