I love how the Nintendo Switch Online app wastes half the screen for its logo

Also I don't have Animal Crossing maybe show me the games I have

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@noiob it doesn't know I'm pretty sure the games you have aren't linked to your account directly (only your purchased eShop games, which are separate from your physical versions too)

@Siphonay p sure they know how long I played which game

@noiob Samsung does this for a lot of stuff and it's intentional, it's for having stuff in an area that's more natural to reach for with your thumbs (though you can scroll down and it will take the whole screen)

@Siphonay my phone isn't that large and they could at least make it fit the three Icons the have on the dang screen

@noiob no see Nintendo knows phone screen have gotten too big so they put the relevant clickable stuff on the bottom half of the screen where your thumbs can easily reach it /s

@evie I mean back when there was only Splatoon it would've looked pretty silly without the huge logo

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