I know it's accurate it's basically asking the same questions as the long tests

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@noiob i appreciate any and all piss takes of mbti so much

@avie it's just horoscopes for people who think they're too smart for horoscopes

@noiob this DOES give me the same result as the longer version, so, valid.

@noiob This is so great it gets exactly the same as if I were to take one of the "real" ones lmao.

@noiob well that gets two of my letters right.
I'm still looking for a personality test that is truly nonjudgmental, and ignores neuroses. a psych PHD told me I can't have it, but I don't believe her.

@joshua @noiob I mean.... Where's the lie?? (Though really it's stock market speculating rather than "the economy" if we're wanting to be accurate/pedantic as, as we all know, the stock market is not the economy. )

@noiob calling it the Bryer-Miggs Testing Initiative out loud to make people squirm 😂

@noiob I hate that this is -actually- about as accurate as my horoscope. XD

@aldersprig Well, the reason I listed P and J is because I alternate, so you might be on the edge of *T* and *F*?

@aldersprig I also use "my mom" when I'm talking to my younger brother. And so does he.

@noiob best part is this gives me the answer I've gotten most often on the "real" test

@noiob i took the bait and istp actually sounds cool. cooler than i actually am irl :(

@noiob i usually get intp or infp but it checks out because my math skills are averege

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