finally I can control each LED on my RAM individually

so I did the obvious thing

@noiob trans ram, or tram for short. Long live queer public transportation of data!

@noiob oh wait how'd you get full control on the ram lights, i have the same sticks

@kat it works with basically anything except MSI Mystic Light

@kat you have to deactivate/uninstall your existing RGB control software and it's a bit finnicky, definitely peruse the Wiki

@noiob will it work on the ram if i have an MSI board, i don't care about the mobo light haha

@noiob if it has the same flexibility as icue does for layering effects i'm extremely sold

@noiob it just lets you design effects with like photoshop layers basically, it's really nice

@kat it does have an API though, so in theory you can program any effect

@kat also you can control MSI boards if you reactivate the Mystic Light code, it might softbrick your Mystic Light controller though and you'd need a usb programmer thingy to unbrick it

@noiob huh, I have this exact same fan. (I assume. It's one where, the LED of the fan part is controlled by the motherboard, but the ring around it is not and just cycles random colors. Kind of throws off the synergy but I don't really care that it's a chaotic light show in there.)

@The_T plug it in via USB and you'll be able to control all of it

@noiob huh. I am actually going to be installing a new hard drive today so while I'm at it I will take a look? I don't remember seeing it having that. Maybe I need an extra USB cord. But I'll look for a port.

@The_T If you're actually talking about the AMD Wraith Prism cooler, it comes with two cables in the box, one for an ARGB mobo header and one for USB 2.0

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