If, like myself, you like taking screenshots of GDQ but don't want to play it in an external app to support the stream: I wrote a quick userscript that adds a screenshot button


(yes this is the Instagram icon, i couldn't find a "photo" icon in Twitch's UI so this will have to do)

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@Eramdam it's a shame that Firefox's "save snapshot" feature doesn't work because they block the <video> context menu

@noiob yeah, im sure you could put an extension together to add a context menu entry but even then a lot of players with custom UIs block the first right click.

Maybe I should make a "add screenshot button" extension for a bunch of video-playing websites :thonking:

@Eramdam no, I mean, the Firefox context menu has a "Save snapshot as…" entry usually, I use it all the time on Youtube

@Eramdam do it on an exposed video (right-clicking twice on Youtube works), it'll show a bunch of video-related entries

@Eramdam it's nice because it just saves the current video frame, so it's not affected by screen resolution


@Eramdam bugzilla.mozilla.org/ :P

but yeah, idk, it's obviously not a focus

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@noiob i just noticed my userscript already respects the video's dimensions 😎

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