Follow is a project to properly format public domain eBooks so they look good and work well on modern e-readers

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plus it seems like a way to get Project Gutenberg books in Germany, where the website is blocked

@noiob advanced ePubs where you can read a book and be served a pint of ale as well

@Claire they were sued for providing works that might be in the public domain in other countries, but not in Germany.

We have a problem with lawyers who just issue cease and desist letters all day and make their money from claiming damages from piracy, it's why torrenting from public trackers is very dangerous in Germany (since you're technically sharing the file with hundreds of people, you're liable for unrealistic amounts of damages)

@noiob im so glad this exists lmao

part of why i really disliked using gutenberg's releases is because of all the problems that this project fixes

@noiob each book has a specially written blurb to describe it and give a plot synopsis too

that is. genuinely really bloody good, considering gutenberg just kind of assumes you already know the book

@avie yeah, and I love that they even go the extra mile of adding a nice cover

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