Nintendo: C&Ds online Melee tournament simply because they're using Slippi
Gamers: well obviously that's bad

Kotaku: Hey, Switch emulation is getting so good it's already running the new Metroid game
Gamers: this is literally killing my friend Nintendo and they'll never make another Metroid game

@noiob I think the problem was the article was straight up advocating you pirate it and run it in ryujinx rather than buy it

and whilst I don't actually have issue with that, it is a bit much to outright state in a professional games publication with a reputation

@noiob as i said. i dont care about ppl advocating you pirate nintendo games

but its a bit much to imply as such on a well resepcted news site that has been in the industry for years. its kind of shooting yourself in the foot

@avie I genuinely don't see the issue. The article makes an interesting point, i.e. that emulation has surpassed Switch hardware while it's still the current gen, and that is a new phenomenon. Also there's nothing wrong with acknowledging the fact that emulators exist and might offer a superior experience

@avie yeah it's great

here's the original
the "worst" thing they do is mention that you can't play most of the Metroid series without emulation (unless you wanna pay out of your ass for old consoles and cartridges, I suppose)

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