is there really no way to watch Apple TV+ in a decent resolution in a browser (that isn't made by Apple)? gdi

lmao my iPad doesn't stream it in HD either… because I have it plugged into my monitor

fun detail: if I have it plugged in via a DP-HDMI cable and a HDMI splitter it works (in 720p), if I connect it straight DP-DP it refuses to play


I wonder if I can set up an airplay Receiver, hmm

btw if you were wondering, the conclusion of this odyssey is that I currently have no way of watching Apple TV+ in high resolution on my main monitor. I love when DRM makes the experience of consuming legally obtained content worse than if I just torrented it

@pup_hime but like, surely DP supports it? and I doubt my fancy new monitor doesn't

@pup_hime pretty sure it could work in Edge (with two flags for DRM tech turned on) but something in the stack is broken and I get a cryptic error message instead

@pup_hime absolutely impeccable experience

Netflix works without an issue, of course

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