lmao for some reason on my machine Firefox and Windows photos apps decode AVIF wrong? like, my friends see [this image](file:///C:/Users/Johannes/Downloads/MyNintendo_Store_Logo_1Line_R.avif) as while I see it as (it's not broken in Irfanview)

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also I think this screenshot isn't even accurate?

@clonejo firefox doesn't have any set up? Maybe it's just because I'm on the 'legacy' amd driver

@noiob honestly this is probably a Windows issue more than a firefox issue

@clarfonthey I assume it's a graphics driver issue because it works on my friend's Firefoxes under Windows

@noiob yeah, I lump graphics drivers issues under Windows issues since Microsoft has created this environment where a fundamental part of the operating system which should not even be visible to the end user is a commodified package to be marketed

@noiob like the end user should have no idea what a driver is and definitely shouldn't be forced to install one manually

@clarfonthey I mean Windows does install a graphics driver automatically these days, I still prefer having it installed manually because, y'know, Gaming

@noiob I dunno, the Gamer version of the GPU drivers shouldn't be even beneficial to have since all of the relevant settings should be configurable directly in the OS

like a GPU is a GPU, all these fancy branded config GUIs really do is add a different coat of paint on the same settings

but it's not like venting about this is actually gonna change anything

@clarfonthey idk for AMD they're the exact same drivers (they just get more frequent updates bc they don't send every minor update to microsoft), the nvidia game ready drivers just contain hotfixes for the latest games

@noiob wait so, Windows just comes with the Gamer GPU config stuff now, even if it's not pre-installed on the hardware by some other manufacturer?

@clarfonthey no, just the driver, but stuff like HDR and higher refresh rates can be set up in Windows settings

@noiob ah, makes sense. I mean, even though they try to advertise it as being different, amd and nvidia actually have all the same features on their GPUs

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