hm okay maybe running a bunch of docker containers on a Pi 4 with 2GB of RAM is asking a bit much, compiling stuff in esphome makes it run out of memory

@noiob yeah, from what I understand, even though the kernel is deduplicated in memory, a lot of the applications in the containers aren't, and so it's still not very efficient memory wise

@pup_hime when I'm not compiling esp firmware it's running home assistant, open media vault, esphome and a few other random bits and bobs with no issues

@noiob I'm running uhhhh sonarr, radarr, jackett, transmission, emby, a few of my own containers for bots and stuff, airsonic, caddy for ssl termination and i think I'm forgetting something

@pup_hime ah yeah obviously. Are you booting off of an SSD already?

@noiob no, im booting off the sd card and using a bunch of disks for storage

@noiob How are you finding esphome? I've only started getting into ESP32 - looks very promising!

(And what are you using for JTAG? I hadn't realised most of Espressif's chips don't include USB-JTAG bridges - the boards I was using last years all came with that included; highly convenient, but at a modest cost)

@porsupah well, it works perfectly for what I want it to do (connect a MH-Z19B CO₂ sensor to Home Assistant). I don't use JTAG at all, the ESP8266 nodeMCU board I bought for about 5€ comes with a UART/USB converter for programming

@noiob Oh, handy! I've only been looking at the ESP32 family, where that seems to be more of an afterthought.

Still astonished how cheap all of Espressif's boards are - less than most vendors MCUs on their own! And all very capable in different ways.

@porsupah well, they sell an absolute shitton of them, everything is 2.4 GHz these days

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