someone really should make an eeepeecee-sized ARM laptop, make it a bit thicker and kinda sturdy, kind of a halfway thing between a GPD Win Max and a Pinebook

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@noiob its a pity that its kinda expensive compared to the actual computer tho
granted you cant get the actual pi 400 for MSRP these days, but they said they would be improving supply

@pup_hime no speakers I could live with but they could've just slapped a couple 18650s and a bit of power regulation circuitry into it

@pup_hime oh, Medion showed a compute-module-4-based machine aimed at the education market at BETT in 2022, I wonder if anything will come out of that

@noiob i know there was a full laptop shell with batts and shit for the pi 3 but i think they discontinued it

@pup_hime yeah and the reviews don't instil much confidence in its quality (at least the screen is nice?)

Pis are slowly coming back, I recently was able to order an 8GB Pi 4 at MSRP off of Pimoroni

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