oh right palworld is a thing that exists

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@noiob where did everyone land on that, anyway? :blobfoxlaughsweat:

i see japanese artists who reaaaally like some pals and draw them often, but i have no idea what happened with the game or the vibes around it

@archenoth idk, I still don't care about it as it's obvious shovelware. the ceo literally stated they're going for quantity over quality

@noiob oh wow

i feel like that's probably not the best thing to say about a game you're working on, ahah

@archenoth they're saying it about their company, look at what else they put out / are planning

@noiob uh wow

so i did this, and uh, probably not what you were trying to point out, but i actually feel sorry for the devs :blobcat_astonished:

it looks like they're a doujin circle that basically had their unexpected success turn on them in a major way, and it sounds like they are in a state of being forever-harassed by pokemon fans both online and off

that feels bad

@archenoth I was pointing out that so far they've made a blatant BotW clone, a Jackbox ripoff with GenAI and they're planning Hollow Knight but anime girl

@noiob ...ah!

those are kinda unfortunate projects, yeah :blobcat_notlikethis:

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