hope someone like Digital Foundry does a breakdown but I feel like FFXIV actually feels better on the Steam Deck now (especially with upscaling in combination with dynamic resolution)

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I still gotta sit down and actually configure my XHB at least for some casual questing because it's kinda comfy on the Deck

@noiob wait is the official launcher supported on Linux now ? I'm still going through XIVLauncher atm

@Ithyx idk why you'd want to use the offficial launcher but it should be playable at least? they had to fix it for macos (the mac version just runs in wine (but even on macos you should use a third-party launcher))

@noiob huh that's neat, I had no clue the MacOS version used wine, that's actually kind of cursed !
I'd never use the official launcher on anything else than windows really, but I doubt DF would benchmark a game through an unofficial launcher

@noiob oh you said "someone *like* Digital Foundry", I should learn to read properly someday, sorry...

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