money beg 2, boost please <3 

Did this a week or so ago but I'm still short about $400 for next month and I'm an unemployed trans girl with basically 0 income. If you can help out at all it'd be really appreciated, I'm trying to get together whatever I can rn ahah

hey guys i found this funny pink visor in my cabinet today while cleaning out

today is the only time the date reads 22/2/22 in a hundred years boost this toot for good luck

lb: looks like there's some sorta bird in the second pic

finally got to the surface of mars folks! i'm here. does anyone else live here

please tag your nintendo direct posts properly i dont wanna tag the word "direct" for ignore bc that's a really useful word

heard the news. i wish rush limbaugh a speedy recovery

im a little gay train conductor i tell the train which way to go

money beg, boosts good 

Kept putting this off cuz I felt I didn't deserve it but.. I guess I should probably just accept that I need the help and ask. Realized I don't have enough for rent next month, I just had enough this month with enough to spare for leftover costs, but now I'm short next month and I have no income cuz I'm unemployed and can't drive or anything yet.

Rents $450 a month plus give or take the extra ~$50 for other monthly expenses. If you can help at all I'd really appreciate it, thank you again 💜

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