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here we are! we are spaceDOTexe. our members are:

...and INIT!!! who i will attach in the responses

we cool! we good! we plural! lets party and support one another!!

computers are ideal for cats because they're large, warm boxes that sometimes vibrate slightly and make quiet humming noises

i AM a signal failure and i WILL stop all trains on the mainline with my fat fucking ass

"please use exit()"
fuck off
no such variable "fuck"

sciencific discovery: bees can be transformed using science to become backed beans (beens) and we're not sure why

tech article

bottling cow farts and selling them as "fresh air from the Andes" on ebay

salad smoker. lettuce consumer. Fryed cabbach. what ever you call it, your greens are the most important part of the diet

our bunnies are having a good rest after their vet visit yesterday... we got them clipped cuz they've been fighting pretty badly and they're both very sleepy today. our most active and territorial one is actually asleep right now - they would usually be scrabbling at the hutch door and thumping

they're both eating so i'm not too worried, but i'll need to keep eyes-on. gonna be a sleepy few days!

i feel like recently i've been very, very saturated with thoughts and feelings and i've become unaware of that in a very weird and slightly uncomfortable way, like i'm fumbling in the mist. it really aint any good in my honest opinion, and i really would like to break out. like just realising it has made me go, oh, shit, that mindweight is there again, i havent been aware of myself

18+ BIPOC Discord Server Announcement 

So this server is what I've been working on for the past couple days since I was inactive here.

I call this place BarPOC, cuz it's themed like a bar à la Bull & Finch Pub!

There's so many great people and artists there!! It's really on that "place where everybody knows your name" energy and I'd love for y'all to be a part of it!

***(Must be 18+ and BIPOC to enter)**

Official Invite Link:

(Graphics made by

i'd like to propose we replace the archetypal Rom-Com (Romantic Comedy) with Rom-Com (Roman Comedy)

buy me video games i have like 2 pennies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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