request: draw my fursona
i will pay you if you want
i am sad and want some art done, its how i get my Dope (dopamine)


qu'bo, rushbark island province, Valtara (galactic index 0A1C90c)

this pic of Stephan's Quintet from JWST goes hard feel free to screenshot

captioned for your leisure and a bit of an explanation of what you're seeing

people have been talking more and more about ynglings lately and the only one i know is Half-Troll

me realising that the world ive been building for years now could be directly translated into a settlement management sim that i happen to currently be in the process of designing in a manner completely exclusionary to that world

here is a nice diagram
the pressure vessel has sections that are able to be rearranged via bolt cuffs:

A is the vessel cap; there are two per end, and some can be twist-locked much like a spacesuit helmet
B is the head section with the viewing window and other visual assistant gear (holographic hud, relevant data readouts, etc)
C is the mid section and holds the control deck that's heavily customisable
D is the footwell section that provides additional control options via pedals, buttons etc

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aight folks let's get real
the delta flyer is kickass but it's got some weird fucked up windows
i mean look at this shit

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