I'm trying out a different instance @phoenix@weirder.space

i reaaaaally need to get my timeline looking more interesting. Hunting for good follows! If that's you, hi! I think you're cool! You can see my vibe on my blog linked in bio or bluebiefox on insta

@mcc on my PS5 i have an option to auto upload screenshots to the PS app where i can save them in my phones camera roll?

I was a little nervous when the edit feature went live on Mastodon, and I still think it would have been a bad idea on Twitter, but I was relieved to see it's only improved the Mastodon experience. Apparently this community is mature enough it can use edit in an entirely constructive way. I still don't trust this community with quote RT tho. Y'all're catty as shit

Ah the part of every party where the allos start making out and it gets boring. Heck

@ChangelingRandy @LiamErven@mastodon.social Government's going to buy me KNFB Reader soon! then i can read all the books! I also found Voice Dream Reader that can read ebooks on the apple watch with nice voices. I think i'll be able to use KNFB to scan a book to ebook, then Dream Voice to get it to read on the watch nicely. Excited about books!


Fucked up things to hear at an Auslan practice group: “if you want to say something, say it!” 🙄 immediately after I sign a reply to someone who is verbally speaking. And guy who said it is HoH! Internalised ableism much? 😡🤯

@ChangelingRandy @LiamErven@mastodon.social figured it out. The document has text layed out in columns, and that was confusing it

@ChangelingRandy @LiamErven@mastodon.social yes. I got it to work once now. It seems difficult. The short text mode works much better except that I can’t hold the phone still long enough to get through the whole page. It times out a lot too like maybe Microsoft server having problem

@ChangelingRandy @LiamErven@mastodon.social i can’t get the document mode to work. It always just says no text recognised :/

@ChangelingRandy @LiamErven@mastodon.social oh thank you! I will try Seeing AI for now :)

@LiamErven@mastodon.social i need to read a printed book but I’m bad at reading because disability. I wish I could use a screen reader type of thing in it. I remember you said a while ago you had an app that could do that to read Xbox menus and stuff. Are there any iPhone apps you recommend for reading printed paper thru camera?

@bombsfall@mastodon.social holy heck you are the best thing on mastodon tbh this is rad


tomorrow i'm going to talk to GP about getting Autism diagnosis reconfirmed since childhood paperwork is lost, so i can get more disability money maybe. so stressful! i'm scared of psychiatrists e_e

@noiob depends on the cable, but generally no. Thunderbolt cables have amplifiers / signal conditioning chips. Most charge / USB 2 or USB 3 cables just have some resistors to control charge rate so things don’t overheat/melt. It really depends on the specs of the cable.

Gaming, accessibility 

@jessmahler check out audiogames.net if you haven’t yet. There’s some really awesome stuff on there. Blind game devs have made incredible things, like audio-only real-time war flight simulators, and 2d platformers, and racing games. All sorts of stuff! @LiamErven@mastodon.social has done some game dev that I admire too. 💕

Ageism; queer issues 

@slightlyflightyone@vulpine.club we’ll change that :)

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