ah there goes the auto-old-post deleter. that feels so much better

best regards to me from 2017 but you are annoying and i do not care for your tepid whimsy

now to, uh, pare down mutuals a bunch and deal with follow reqs. sorry i may refollow if we interact a lot/have met in person otherwise i need to rely on notifs and network effects to keep the misery numbers at a minimum, lest this become Twitter 2

One big compelling argument for the 'run a personal instance' approach to mastodon is: I have already plowed into a ratelimit on awoo.space while deleting old posts at a relatively modest couple-a-minute rate, which has banned me from doing anything(?) for ten minutes

game idea:

you're a soft-spoken and forgetful expands-in-water dinosaur sponge in the distant, arid future

you're in a dessicated stasis when a still-running social markov bot posts 'meds reminder' to a media feed in your vicinity, spurring you to roll/waddle your way to all the nearest water sources to keep hydrated, lest you fall back into capsule stasis. you do this out of a desire to find the bot that reinvigorated your spirit and express your delicate, absorbent gratitude

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