@noiob I can't find where to generate an invite for a new user, help please?

Ok fellow awoo.space users, how the heck do I invite someone?

Remember, the fedi is ephemeral. It's valid to change instances if the one you're on doesn't fit your needs. There's a whole slew of communities out there!

In a mood, though I’m not sure my body supports it.

Stupid hindsight. I should have asked the guy I’ve been flirting with off and on for 3 years if I could have crashed at his place last night.

I am in a mood again. I have been for at least 2 days. This is a thing…

I am in a mood morning. It is probably a good thing going to work.

I would love to know why I am so emotionally wrecked over the death of a person who I maybe saw for 30 minutes a year for the past couple of years. And didn’t interact with otherwise.

When something beyond your control is going to determine how lonely you’re going to feel for a few days…

And I mentioned the underbid issue. Yeah, my team is where the worst underbidding happened. I guarantee we won’t be able to offer anyone a reasonable rate to replace these people.

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None of my tier 1 people are ready for tier 2. Definitely not the one who has been tier 1 for 14 years.

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So, as we’re training a new hire who needs to learn a lot of computer basics and have been notified we can onboard the other backfill in the same state, I’m suddenly in danger of losing 40% of my team.

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One presumes that the alternative to the pay cut is unemployment. Not sure, but 3/5 of my tier 2 team are employed by that company. Another 5th is my mobile lead.

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What I don’t know is that the meeting my bosses are in is with one of the subcontractors for our contract and they’re about to offer their staff pay cuts. (Hint: my company underbid badly.)

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I know that his departure is going to hurt a lot, because the feds he works with 1x overworked and 2x underworking. Bonus, no one on my team is ready for his job.

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It’s from my mobile device lead and I’m not entirely surprised. I know my supervisor and PM are in a meeting, but not for what, so I make a point to call their attention to it.

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So, middle of the day while I’m researching a potentially sensitive issue, I get an email with the subject “Resignation”.

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