So, someone tagged main in a tweet thread to out acquaintances as zoophiles. They also tagged a number of people I know at varying levels, and a couple I know of.

I don't support zoophilia, but I have problems with the approach.

1. The post was made from what appears to be a throwaway account that was created in February 2020. It has 0 posts not in this thread and no followers.

2. The evidence is screenshots. Some are from Telegram and those certainly look like the accounts of people I know, but it's not like a telegram account screenshot is hard to fake.

2. (Continued) The majority are from a program I don't recognize. The names match, but I have no way to verify those are the people I know and not fakes. It has no userpics, just initials.

3. Based on the people tagged, I suspect the person who has the account knows me and has ways to reach me directly. If that's the case, I'd much prefer that method of contact. I'm more likely to trust someone I trust.

4. Interestingly, another accused zoophile the people in question would hang out with was not brought up. That person was called out publicly by someone's main account. And then the outcry went silent after a day or two.


So no idea what to do with the information I have because I'm dubious of the source and the validity.

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