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I've been wondering whether or not hand puppet Greek tragedy is too high concept for internet anyway which one do I do

R.A. Salvatore's famous book FIGHT CLUB introduced the famous drow ranger, Tyler Do'Urden.

pompeii subtoot

oh sure when the *Romans* write on the walls about 'Gaius Caelius Verro took an enormous dump here" or "sweet Lucia shares her favours with every retiarius" it's a window into the past but when *I* do it it's vandalism

mutual aid request 

I’ve continued looking for employment and been trying to do everything I can since, including sex work. I haven’t been able to find anything since, I’ve been living off rice and eggs and anything my roommate doesn’t want to eat, and bills and rent are coming up soon. If you can, please help. I’ve been looking for work for close to 9 months now, but the only callbacks I’ve received are rejections.$chillauryn

just found out about people posting horny art on twitter (dont punch drywall even if yr mad)

hanging out with a fella tomorrow and by hanging out i mean holding hands and by fella i mean fella

I've been wondering whether or not hand puppet Greek tragedy is too high concept for internet anyway which one do I do

mental health (-) 

feelin pretty shit about accidentally taking someone's phone by accident and also generally feeling needy n shit

job uniform (orange polo, mesh-backed cap. jeans) will mesh very well with my horrible accessorizing ideas (plague doctor mask stuffed with wormwood to repel the flies and scent of garbage myself at work)

stuffing a cheesecloth bag with wormwood and putting it in the beak of a leather mask to prevent me from contracting the plague or at least drive back the flies and not barf from the scent of hot garbage at work

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