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housing help, Chicago, please boost 

My current housing situation requires me to be moved out by the end of August. I have a solid and secure job that I really do love but frankly doesn't pay much and I don't know that I can afford anywhere alone. I need help finding roommates and I don't really know where else to turn. I can readily afford about $800 a month in rent and utilities, maybe can push that to $900 and can probably make $1000 work if accidental costs are rare.

I'm AuDHD, queer, and just...I just want someplace I can have a life and be safe. More northern region of the city would be preferred for access to my job. CTA access is mandatory.

How am I supposed to remember to take the meds that help me remember to take the meds that help me remember to take the meds that—

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hey so, if you wanna be a chaotic gender fucked entity who causes constant and unending confusion you can just do that

idk who needs to hear this, but call me if it's you (i wanna make out)

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Shoot for the moon, if you miss you'll wind up among the stars

an immense dark shape drifting in the space between spaces, defying any sane geometry, slit-pupiled eyes closed as tentacles twitch in no-longer-human dreams

awaiting the hour that you are summoned back once more

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nsfw - nudity 

Commission for @_Northwynd
Commission for @_Northwynd

#furry #furryart #furrynsfw #nsfw

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I've at least managed to clean-up enough space to build the PC. Now to follow-through tomorrow.

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direct aid, boosts appreciated 

I have good news since this was post was first made. I have a job that I genuinely love and have a stable source of income. I am currently struggling to find roommates or housing I could afford in Chicago. New post for that pinned to my profile.

PayPal, Zelle


Thank you everyone who has and continues to help.

Perhaps *this* will be the weekend in which I finally build my new desktop PC.

I can feel it.

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Mexipun Food 

A demon-themed Mexican restaurant called "Molly's Tamaleficarum"

Plant Pun 

Accidentally turned myself into a plant-monster at the gene-editing lab and was fired.

I'm going to sue for wrongful germination.

"Goth GF" but GF means "Gremlin Familiar"

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someone put a jack-o-lantern on the head of the lenin statue in #seattle lmao

here's me T-posing in front of it for some reason lol

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Halloween will continue until morale improves👻

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