bleh... today is really just a scream into the void (oh wait that doesn't work, just screaming... well someone might see this and get that)... existence is hard sort of day. Not like I want it to end or anything but maybe like can take a short break... like a small non-disruptive unit of time...@.@

Holy hells, recently I did some research on fitness trackers because my doctor wanted some regular vitals as I pretty much only come in to the office when sick.

Most of them are absolute privacy nightmares and only handful of companies even let you opt out of data collection and processing.

Somehow they don't classify vitals and sleep data as health data under HIPPA in the US... wtf.

This is your yearly pleading request to #MastoAdmin: PLEASE turn off open registrations.

There are no effective spam prevention methods on the vanilla Mastodon sign up form. Website boy has been fighting us all for years about this.

Spammers will @ mention users of other instances and with enough spam, your instance will be isolated from the fediverse, which is hard to come back from. An ounce of prevention saves us all a lot of headache. Just do it.

While discussing a project that will take at least 15 business days with an engineer and my coworker and he is pushing for hard dates, his manager needs it done by the end of the quarter and that is fine. This requires some coordination between myself and my coworker and my coworker is on call this week.
"Is there any reason we can't just start this now?"

Sure let me drop all my other planned work and meetings today to work on this thing that needs to be done 6 weeks from now.

a horny scenario (furry, hyper) 

1. Acquire and use an excuse for massive, over-productive balls, which probably glow from the amount of virile energy generated within them.

2. Acquire a box of hyper condoms, and a friend. You might want to acquire these before using the excuse in step 1. Or you might enjoy acquiring these things with the handicap of some deliciously huge and overfull balls.

3. Wear a condom. Make love to your friend. Ejaculate enough to make your friend look like a weather balloon.

4. Carefully remove your penis from inside your friend, while leaving the condom inside him/her/it/hir/etc.

5. Tie off condom. Slowly pull it out of your friend. His/her/its/hir moans as this happens are one of the reasons you are doing this; savor them.

6. Repeat steps 3-5 until the results of 1 wear off, or you run out of condoms. In the latter event then your friend will happily serve to contain one more load before you must go outside and have a macro hyper impregnation rampage or something.

Not for the first time, I find myself wishing that the NATO alphabet was part of standard training for customer service staff whose job includes receiving serial numbers being dictated to them

Me: "I'm going to get project work done today.. and like be productive."

Work: "I know you had plans but INCIDENT TIMES BE HAPPENING! Oh... and the deadline for performance reviews."

me, vanta, trans enby girl polyam lesbian gender terrorist: "people should block threads because it will make fedi unsafe for queer people"

the verge, for some reason: "OBVIOUSLY it's a bunch of NERD BOYS trying to keep the WOMEN out"

#FediPact #meta #threads

going through my old pieces and I really wanna highlight these two modemoiselles

good taste, @BestGirlGrace

On one hand... the idea of Murderbot Diaries getting a live action adaptation by Apple TV is interesting...

On the other.. very manly man for Murderbot... does not jive... and I'm expecting an extreme white washing..

Also translating cynical monologue to screen.. seems like it would be hard.

what the fuck... I actually had fun at a company christmas party for once.. that is like the weirdest damn thing.
Granted.. I unintentionally collected a posse of like a dozen queer and queer adjacent folks from ops and dragged them to the outside part of the venue and hung out for 4 hours but still..
Of course now I am suffering with no voice xD

Reflecting on a personal affirmation [7] (end) 

Ultimately, capitalism's demand for endless growth is designed intentionally to inspire you to push yourself past your limits.

Businesses purposefully assign challenging goals with unreasonable time frames to inspire a sense of urgency.

That urgency is toxic to mental health, and harming yourself to meet unreasonable goals will only result in even more challenging goals later on.

So: Just focus on making each step the best step you can take.

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You are only temporarily abled.

This is not a threat. It is a statement of fact.

Edit: Glad this is seeing so much resonance. If you've got any cash to spare, please check my pinned posts for my mutual aid request.

Just noticed the JetBrains integration thing in the “GitHub is shoving AI up everyone’s ass” announcement. Uninstalling, cancelling my $250/yr JetBrains IDE subscription, telling them _exactly why_ in the survey. I strongly encourage others who subscribed to the paid versions of JetBrains tools to do the same; companies that forcefeed shitty AI features into otherwise good softeware must be made to feel pain.

Bleh... human bodies are weird. So.. I can't tolerate large amounts of dairy any more.. unless it is like butter for cooking or heavy cream that has been sauteed when I make garlic mashed potatoes. Like I can't eat icecream without getting sick, even with lactaid. D:

Oh and like some mild, white cheeses, jack, queso in small amounts.

I guess because I basically didn't eat dairy for a year other than small amounts of butter for cooking and often I use avocado or olive oil instead.

Offers of sweets have been made as is proper... now i'm sleepy.

Gods, I need to figure out how to communicate this to people.

If you are close to me and you ask something, a favor, help, assistance... I am generally incapable of saying no.

Even if I don't want to, don't feel up for it etc.

I'm like a discount version of The Luidaeg who can't ask a fair price.

Sometimes it is really important to recognize when is a bad time to ask for my help.

Worse, struggling with this makes me feel awful every time.

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