There was a sign on the wall just outside the dragon's lair:
"Take only what you need."
The thief peered around the corner. The dragon gave him a nod.
"Is this a trick?"
The dragon stretched out on his vast hoard.
"No. Your need can't possibly be big enough to make a difference."
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Am literally my own worst enemy sometimes.. also I didn't fucking comment why I added that to my default pre-commit and git config stuff...

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Apparently, I defeated myself.. a year ago.

So I maintain a "Set up new computer for work script" that slaps together my preferred tools and configuration and does a bunch of nifty things like setting up pre-commit hooks for git and stuff.

At some point when I was working at Barracuda I added a pre-commit hook to my script to always run chmod -x on .sh files.

For the last week I have been pulling my hair because a shell script I need to run in a container was having permission issues.

I hate docker exit codes.

for example:
126 - permission denied or can not execute command
127 - unrecognizable characters or improperly escaped characters or shell script syntax errors.

Why the fuck are these not broken up in to separate error codes?

Like.. getting 126.. either permissions on a file/directory are messed up or can't execute whatever command.

127 - just a fucking mess, good luck!

guns, transphobia, hate speech, rambling 

Also Fuck Lily Cade and the fucking horse shit she rode in on. Fuck the BBC for publishing that hate speech. I am so fucking sick of this shit. It is every fucking piece of hate rhetoric from the last 2 centuries on fucking repeat just with word replacement.

If you have ever fucking wondered why I have fucking clung to firearms ownership and training as like one of the last vestiges of where I grew up this shit is why. "I'd execute every last one of them personally [trans-women]." Holy fuck.

Fucker that let that go to fucking release should be kicked repeatedly somewhere tender. Because this is going to get people hurt and it is going to get people fucking killed. The police aren't going to fucking help anyone but Capital. Your fucking neighbors aren't going to fucking help you.

I can't process or understand this fucking Hate, where it comes from. The desperate need to Other humans. But I can fucking grok the results of it and how allowing people to brazenly speak it will cause it to spread and cause violence, suffering and death. For no other fucking reason than being different.

So who do trans-folk have to turn to? Fucking nobody other than ourselves and handful of LBGTQIA Allies but lets be honest. The chance that someone who is not in our situation will stand up and try to stop violence at the risk of their body is incredibly low.

I'm getting ramble-y but to be clear, I understand that for the average trans-person having a firearm or any sort of defensive weapon is dangerous, because we are so traumatized by the world that lots of us are at risk just by having such a tool in our homes but nobody else is going to defend us.

I have been miserably angry at the world and everyone all day.. so I might step away for the evening and maybe have some mood altering substances.

the story of the Mystery Men could be summarized as "a fuckup parade with a happy ending"

Honestly being trans is the least interesting thing my trans friends do with their time. I really hate that our society's so devoted to making transfolks uncomfortable and, as seems to be true of prejudices, I have to ask who's making money off this and just how much.

uspol, enby gender markers (-) 

I live in a state where I can get my gender marker changed to an X on my driver's license, and I could get my passport's gender marker updated next year as well.

…but I can't help but look to the future of the USA and wonder if our government can be trusted with maintaining a database of non-binary people. At the moment, I'm not sure I trust the US Government to keep such a list private, let alone what they might do with the data behind closed doors. :blobsad:

"If you had a horrible fate you knew you couldn't escape, would you pretend you did it by choice, or resist and be forced?"
"A very specific question," the witch said. "Marriage?"
"Dragon tribute."
"Oh, that's not so bad. The dragon will ask if you consent."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Cooked some local raised salmon for the first time in -ages- 2.2lb filet, rubbed with garlic, salt, black pepper and chili flakes and small amount of irish gold butter and wrapped in foil, baked ~375F until just right (fork can lift off the skin but dry.

Sooo damn good, it has been a few years since I cooked fish, glad to see I still got that.

I want to live in a world of extreme body polymorphism. I want a world where someone can be a human, or furry, or elvan fae, four legged wolf, giant dragon, a collective of foxes, small box robot on wheels, hive of nanobots, copyright infringement, abstract geometry...

I want a world where any conceivable thing can be considered as a form, to have "personhood", and efforts are made to allow all those types of being to exist relatively in the same culture, to the best of our efforts.

And then she @ me to share the fact she has considered commissioning NSFW art of her tiefling characters so someone with a good handle on color theory could tell her what color their nipples should be xD

Which is totally fair! Colors are hard and sometimes seeing differences side by side helps a ton but also...

now I have a NYT best selling author tweeting about tiefling nipple colors on my timeline at me directly xD

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I... my brain just broke...

I have read like 30+ books by Seanan McGuire and she is talking about tiefling and furry tits on her check mark twitter... LOL

Also it is not the first time for tiefling tits apparently.

That being said go read her stuff. It is really good. Especially The Wayward Children series (Fuck I wish I had something like that to read as a teen) and October Daye series.

The Dark Lord is slain.
Your companions slap your back while you watch his blood trickle down your blade.
"Congratulations," your best friend says. "What will be your title?"
"What do you mean?"
"I'll dismantle the whole thing."
"Not take over? Why?"
"Nobody's tried it."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

you’ve tried tail bags, now try:

just a big velcro strap you slap on your tail and stick pouches to it

A dragon who's hoard is bread :thinkhappy: 

Because of the problem of entropy, this requires a constant stock of fresh bread, and a supply chain to keep the bread moving so it doesn't pile up and spoil.

So in other words, a dragon who bakes bread for their hoard and feeds a whole town as a byproduct :blob_aww:

Today in things I didn't expect to do at work.

How the Fuck do I connect to our shared engineering storage on a mac. Oh good there is a guide.

Staring at DHCP logs and wireshark traces to figure out if the the EFB, app on the EFB or the IAED are the cause of network disconnects on a trial flight.

Which is like.. wildly different than what I expected to be doing a month ago but not really bad.. but also really important and something I have experience with.. thanks to years of tech support.

"Can I borrow this?"
The girl put a sword on her pile of books. The librarian unsheathed the blade a couple of inches, and scanned the barcode etched on it.
"I'm afraid not."
The girl looked crestfallen.
"That one is reserved," the librarian said. "Let's try to find you another."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Hate how new technology which *could* be exciting developments for archaeology and deep sea exploration are just “what will the authorities use to beat down protesters and homeless people next?” Similar to how space exploration has lost so much appeal lately💔

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