expositional vent 

What should I be spending my limited social energy on, one might guess it would be connecting with anyone I chased out here, nope time's up, it's three consecutive dinners with my parents, with whom I don't know how to talk about anything meaningful, and whom I sought literal distance from so I can figure out my life, but they happen to be in the neighborhood to hike around parks and take photos.


expositional vent 

@CeruleanK We should really get together soon. *hug* I might be out your way this Sunday & I'd at least love to get to say hi.

Sorry I've been so focused on the move to NOLA and talking like everything here is just over. I can't claim I'm in good shape these days, and I've been half-afraid you might find that whatever you wanted me around for just plain no longer exists after all the damage we've all taken. Still, I hope I didn't make you feel like I didn't want to see you. :|

expositional vent 

@zebratron2084 That'll be good. *hug* Just one more careful and intensely normal restaurant dinner talking about nothing today, and then I can recharge. I hope, in kind, that I didn't make you feel like I'm trying to rest my world on your shoulders.

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