Sugarfoot is mystified by why she can't come in, Mom can't come out, and for that matter, why Mom has that bizarre alien artifact around her neck. You can practically hear "Space Oddity*" playing in the background of this image.

*NO CAT PUNS PLZ. You know damn well you were gonna post "Space Meowddity" or something.


@001zlnv Yeah. Shadow is just a douchebag. She even pledged a fraternity in college.

*edges towards the door*

Mu Mu Mu.


@zebratron2084 . . .



. . .



This scandalous allegation is demonstrably false. I've never ONCE gotten stuck in a Coke bottle. Pfft

. . .

. . .

*Whispers* It was an Orangina bottle.

@Phorm Well, at least I can't criticize your tastes. Although, doesn't the orange pulp get stuck in your fur? :D

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