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- kobolds are people unless they choose to identify otherwise
- kobolds really love the dark and hiding away
- kobolds may seem vastly introverted, but they are just used to being kicked around and try to avoid that
- there is an exclusive valhalla-style drinking and feasting place for kobolds slain by adventurers
- kobolds can be both cold-blooded and warmblooded
- all kobolds are good at the smooches and snuggles, please review the player's handbook to see their proficiencies in it

Nice, private posts are going through too

I still seem to have a magic power to never see the discourse ppl are reacting too.

i'm using an account nobody should have known to block if they were going to block me and i'm looking at the federated timeline and still not seeing The Discourse

it's.... magic...

more bugtesting 


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more bugtesting 

Come on come on come on go through why aren't these posts showing up on icosa T_T

@vahnj @vahnj@icosahedron.website @halcy test test

something is funky with awoo.space's federation with icosahedron.website specifically trying to bugtest. posts seem to not be able to @ icosa users? and follows don't appear to icosa even though they show up find on this end.

It's just icosa too I tested with my ephemeral.glitch.social account and it went through fine

Posts from @shel do show up in my home feed so I *am* following the account it just isn't seen by icosa


From awoo.space it says I follow
@shel but on icosahedron.website it does not show me as following...

This is bizarre
from awoo.space I can see and interact with icosahedron.website posts just fine

but from icosahedron.website posts can show up on federated timelines, but if I @ my icosahedron.website account it doesn't go through

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