Goauche commission for @galekobold !

We're being a lil witchy this halloween! what do you think she's summoning?

#furryart #kobold #witch #halloween #MastoArt #TraditionalArt

Thinking of maybe posting about every not-totally-insignificant update I make on content on my website, so that I have something to talk about here.

So I decided to repurpose an old Soundcloud account to upload everything I've sorta finished since 2015 so go here to listen to the grand total of 12 tunes I've finished since then plus two ancient ones you probably don't want to hear soundcloud.com/forgebold

Didn't think to post this here until just now, but it's my first completed digital painting!

I'm way past my tolerance limit of rehashes of the tired old attack helicopter and "assume my gender" memes.

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that's almost a decade of friendship down the drain, but I'm sick of my concerns over harmful language being dismissed as irrationality.

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normalizing transphobic language by veiling it behind jokes or memes or whatever isn't cool, and if you double down on it by getting on my case for being offended over a joke you're a piece of shit and I won't trust you ever again.

the new toby fox thing 

What it's like being a furry


I'm having instant noodles at 6am because there's fuck all else to eat.

Magic magic magic, magic magic 

Considering pitching singleton Standard to my playgroup as an experiment in getting the format going, I've been hearing good things about the Singleton format on Arena, it's just that my card pool on there isn't nearly as big as it is in paper and I get much more out of deckbuilding in paper.

Downtown adventures: sitting at a bar and the next table over is playing Cards Against Humanity

work complaints, swearing 

can I please just have my fucking vacation without these incompetent management shitheads fucking up the schedules so that they have to call me to work on days I had planned to rest or do fun stuff??

Note to self: don't read SCP at work. Patrolling darkened office corridors with card-access locks at every door after reading has made my imagination run wild in terrible ways.

The government overlords smile upon this kob today, for they left a bounty of jelly donuts in the cafeteria.

Self promotion 

In the spirit of what's going down today related to bandcamp I invite you to check out an old release of mine which you might fancy if you're into bass music on the dark side: noisemarine.bandcamp.com/

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