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Have a Kilroy photo! Done by Shark-Dragon of DeviantArt (I think?) Very good Pernese design to this one!

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time! I am Kilroy! Online I am typically represented as a genetically modified pre-Pern bronze firelizard! I have a few other characters but this is about as me at it gets! love books! I love sushi! I love video games! I love my friends! I love driving!

Here you'll typically see silly things I like to share with my friends and anyone else who happens to come across my toots in the local and federated timelines. Sometimes I'll rant about things. I'll try to CW sensitive topics!

re: Food 

Ooh, I could get 60 1 gallon mylar bags (heat sealed airtight bags that also block light; these also include factory sealed oxygen and moisture absorbers) for like $40 too! Granted it's not good for repeated usage, but if I ever had the energy to do so I could prepare entire meals (or at least the dry ingredients) for long term storage for those lazy days when I just want to enjoy a delicious meal but with only the work of throwing it all in the crock pot or pressure cooker and enjoying! Some of those meals can require a considerable amount of prep work, but having it all done ahead of time and stashed in long term storage bags would be quite handy!

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Considering getting some bulk food storage containers so I can keep certain essentials in bulk in my basement. Things like rice, sugar, and flour. I know of a couple places I can get 40-50lb bags of such for much cheaper per pound/kilo than the grocery store. Problem is finding decent food grade storage containers that aren't nearly $200 each D: Rubbermaid makes some nice ones that are durable, stackable and can be accessed without downstacking anything, but those are heavy duty commercial bins that cost over $100 EACH.

Luckily I can get some nice 22qt containers from a local restaurant supply wholesaler for $20 each. Granted I'll need 2 per bulk bag, but still, $40 for storing a bag's worth of ingredients is a better price than the $240 at least one place wanted for a 50 quart bin D:

So uh, anyone know any artists that do animated commissions? ...preferably to sound clips? Because I really want an animated commission of Kilroy angrily squeaking at the viewer like this desert frog does in this clip

What I'd give to feel well rested for more than half a day

In related news, I think I'm just about done with transferring files and cleaning up duplicates. Holy shit that took almost a full week to do (less if you don't count the hours I had to work)

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In comparison, all the downloaded games on my new desktop only take up 183GB

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Holy shit my steam library on the old desktop is almost half my total hard drive space on that PC. All the game programs in the Program Files (x86) directory (that I recognize) is almost 600GB. That explains why there's less than a quarter disk space left on that drive.

I've had to work with SO many drives over the past week to do all this D:

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So I've managed to pull almost all my image/video/documents files from every drive I have (save for one that is MIA at the moment) and now I've got the daunting task of figuring out how to pull the data files for the various mods I installed ages ago on the old desktop drive. ...after I figure out what the mods were that I want to keep.

dragon art, eye contact, reddit link 

That time when Iguanamouth illustrated a dragon hoarding uncomfortable situations at an Antiques Roadshow

USPOL, family, Facebook, antisemitism mention (-) 

Finally wound up unfollowing my dad on Facebook today. While I am sure he's not part of the alt-right, I got real tired of hearing him constantly parrot them in his constant political rants: Everything bad that happens is the fault of Antifa, BLM, George Soros, etc. The riots and looting, mostly by white nationalist extremists, that took place all over the country several months back in response to the extrajudicial killing of several black folk? The wicked work of the terrorists Antifa, BLM, and funded by the Jewish leader of the New World Order Soros. The attack on the federal Capital building by the far right insurgents? Those darned terrorist Antifa and their fellow BLM thugs and that damn multibillionaire Jew were behind that, infiltrating the republican ranks to make them look bad! How dare they make the almighty Trump look bad when everything he does is good and right?!

Honestly it's getting to the point where, while I'm sure he's not one of them, I'm not so sure I could pick his political beliefs out from those of any other white nationalist, like Milo or Spencer or any other Hitler worshipping nazi. It's seriously that bad. He's so deep into the cult-like worship of Trump that he just happily lets them spoonfeed him whatever conspiracy or warped viewpoint they desire. He's so blind to the rot within the conservative right that he can't see that it's poisoning his mind. As are most of the Republicans. And at this point there's likely nothing I can say or do to bring him out of it, so all I really could do was just... remove it from my feed. Maybe now I can stand to look at Facebook more often.

So it turns out it may not have actually contained a malicious virus, but was in fact a suite of penetration testing tools that have been sitting on my external drive for probably 6-7 years now unnoticed. I wound up getting ahold of a bunch of programs from a friend, and I guess that was one of them! Ah well, it's deleted now so whatever it was doesn't matter anymore.

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Oopsies one of my external drives contains a virus apparently! D: (Luckily it was caught and quarantined immediately)

PC Build 

Aw yeah save for the power supply and the graphics card, this PC is more or less built! I really like how it looks, and at some point I might get some RGB lighting to go with it. A shame the front USB-C port is useless (board requires a type E header for 3.2 gen 1 USB support, case has an older 3.0 header connector for it. I'll eventually swap that out with the appropriate port) but the 2 front USB ports are connected, and there is a 3.2 type A and type C 10gpbs plug in the back (not shown, I'll have a photo of that when the rest of the equipment comes in.)

Case is a Silverstone RL5 B/W, motherboard is MSI MPG B550 Gaming Edge WiFi with AMD Ryzen 5 3600 and Cooler Master Hyper 212 CPU cooler, and G.Skill Ripjaws V 2x16GB DDR4 3200 memory chips! Tucked underneath the Lightning Gen 4 thermal shield is a Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1TB SSD drive. Windows 10 is now on the system thanks to doing something you really shouldn't do with a power supply that doesn't fit :P

I kind of wish the CPU cooler didn't stick out so much, but as long as it keeps the CPU within acceptable operating temps, especially under heavy use, I'm happy!

It was also probably not a smart idea to set this all up on not a lot of sleep after a very long work day. Fuck am I tired. Ah well, tomorrow morning...
Fuck, it's already tomorrow. Uh... after I get a decent amount of sleep I'll retackle this thing and get all the cables set up nice and pretty and waiting for the new PSU and GPU

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Pretty sure this was not the smartest thing to do, but I needed to get the PC set up and Windows installed. It was a super temporary setup that was quite risky. Now that everything is done, I have it unplugged and waiting for a new PSU that will hopefully fit properly! ...otherwise I'm going to have to try and find one that is set up for a bottom of the case mount. The CPU power plug cables are a bit too short to reach the power pins way at the top of the motherboard

...holy shit I could get one of these with 8 terabytes of storage space if I really wanted. Hell, I could get two of them and remove the wifi card from one of the two m.2 slots and never need space ever again. Except... I kinda don't have $2,500 to throw at that kind of excessive hardware. And if one should fail, well.. that's a shitload of space I suddenly need a backup of.

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I'll share photos of how small this thing is this weekend when I build the new PC! (Seriously though, just one of my RAM sticks is bigger than this thing is)

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