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Have a Kilroy photo! Done by Shark-Dragon of DeviantArt (I think?) Very good Pernese design to this one!

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time! I am Kilroy! Online I am typically represented as a genetically modified pre-Pern bronze firelizard! I have a few other characters but this is about as me at it gets! love books! I love sushi! I love video games! I love my friends! I love driving!

Here you'll typically see silly things I like to share with my friends and anyone else who happens to come across my toots in the local and federated timelines. Sometimes I'll rant about things. I'll try to CW sensitive topics!

(I have a very strong... I wouldn't necessarily call it fear, but perhaps aversion, to the idea of leaving any part of my house exposed to the internet. Especially when certain tech companies are known to have recordings of things being said outside the normal use of their devices. ESPECIALLY with how easily hackable things can be. I don't need someone gaining access to my entire network because of a sloppily updated device with a gaping security flaw)

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One of these days I'll have the time to get a smart home fully set up that doesn't require the use of wifi for the majority of its functions. Sure I won't be able to use voice commands or control the house from anywhere in the world, but it sure would be nice to pull up my tablet and set things without having to leave the bed :P (Also setting up automation of certain things like lights and control of various devices based on specific circumstances)

Oops. Was playing some Meeple Station, wound up making a MASSIVE mistake that went unnoticed until everything went critical and all my oxygen was completely depleted, with no hope of recovery (and believe me I tried.) And stupid me forgot to save since loading the game so all of today's progress is pretty much wasted. Ah well. At least now I know I need to pay careful attention to walling off anywhere with an airlock! All it takes is one missing wall to ruin everything

Bought new bedding because my old bedding is in need of a wash, and with my history of starting loads and forgetting about them for a couple days, I need to be sure I actually have bedding to sleep in :P (Plus the old bedding is in desperate need of a hydrogen peroxide solution soak which will absolutely delay the completion of clean laundry.)

I've got to find my 24 port rack mount switch though. But I also have a 24 port patch panel as well, so definitely ready! Also bought a 2 unit shelf so I can hold a power strip and the ISP gateway on the rack as well. Possibly even a battery backup system if it's not too heavy (but probably not)

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Got a wall mount network rack (4 units) but the spot I want to put it up in has the studs spaced juuuuust too far apart. Yay >:C Luckily it's just exposed frame there that I don't actually intend to finish any time soon, so I can easily put in a backer board to support the rack. Once that's done I can begin wiring the house with CAT6 cable for proper ethernet!

And when I get access to miner mark II+? Those factories are going to grow exponentially if I want to keep maximum output for everything! Probably going to have to create separate buildings to split and handle the increased output for multiple projects when that happens.

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I've got another iron ore deposit I intend to make screws with, but at full production speed so I'll be needing 4 smelters, 8 constructors for the iron rods, and up to 12 constructors for the screws to produce nearly a full stack per minute. This is going to be an even bigger factory setup because of the extra machinery, and I'm going to need much faster conveyers for the screws because I'm going to end up throttled at 1/4 capacity for screw output with my current conveyer availability D:

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Oops stayed up way too late playing Satisfactory again! But on the plus side one of my factories is now complete! From a single iron ore deposit I'm manufacturing rods at a rate of 75 rods per minute (ore miner pulls 120 ore per minute, I've got 3 smelters making 90 ingots per minute, and 5 constructors making 75 rods per minute! I could easily do 120 rods/minute but I'm buffering my iron ore and ingots in the event I need to borrow some without interrupting the workflow).

More fun barcode facts! Apparently the barcode makeup of numbers on the right are just inversions of numbers on the left. So the only difference between a 3 on the left and on the right would be the fact that all the white lines are black, and all the black lines are white. Which makes sense and keeps things not as complicated I imagine! (This does not necessarily apply to ALL barcodes, just EAN/UPC classes of barcodes mostly)

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Barcodes, the Mark of the Beast, and why they aren't 

Today I learned why many religious circles *cough*HobbyLobby*cough* see bar codes as marks of the devil (guard bars at the beginning, middle, and end of a bar code resemble the number 6, thus each code has '6 6 6' or the mark of the beast). I also learned how a barcode number is determined, and that the guard bars cannot equal six because of spacing issues (all numbers are determined by the order of black and white lines in a group of 7 lines. The number 6 on the right half of the barcode has two black lines similarly spaced as the guard bars, but guard bars, aside from being longer, only take up 3 spaces.

So if guard bars are arranged as bwb, then the number 6 (on the right side of the barcode, not the left. I'm assuming the arrangements are different to prevent the barcode from being read backwards if scanned upside down) is arranged bwbwwww. (I may be wrong about the amount of space a guard bar takes up, but even if it did take up 7 lines, it would be set up wwbwbww which would NOT be 6 on either side.)

So yeah, barcodes are the mark of the beast, except not really because the guard bars aren't sized right to represent the number 6, and that would only apply to the right half of the barcode anyway.

Thought I was going to have to replace a non-working refrigerator, turns out someone accidentally turned the temperature dial to zero and that's why the fridge/freezer was excessively warm! Thank goodness for basic troubleshooting knowledge (does it have power? Is it turned on? Is the thermostat functional?)

Seriously, I'm in 3 groups where the game is played; one of them I have NEVER gotten to play a game with because it seems like interest is more or less just completely gone (I tried to organize something a week in advance and there was ZERO response,) and the other two groups are wholly dependent on availability, with one of the groups being 2 hours behind me and they're usually only available when I'm supposed to be going to bed. It's been... insanely frustrating

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It's kind of frustrating getting into certain games right around the time interest in said games waver in others, especially when getting enough people together to play is the biggest challenge. I just want to play Among Us or similar more often than maybe once a week or every other week :C

Woah, TIL that there are so-called fractal vises for clamping irregularly shaped items! (The picture doesn't explain it very well, you have to watch it in motion! It's in the first 30 seconds of the video:)
#tools #HandTools

(dragons with hide getting circuit-trace tattoos because they don't need to look any tougher but they want to look cooler)

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