tfw you forgot you were a furry for a solid two weeks

sorry i havent been here much, anticap party has had my attention

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straight people: you /never/ see many queers hanging out with each other, that's not realistic

queers: okay but what if 40000 of us make our own gay leftist social network and also call everything toots

Decided that micheal guy from rooster teeth was my fursona voiceclaim a while ago, makes me feel better about sounding 10 despite nearly being 21

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The fine for @LouseDog has been increased to $420 for knowingly committing awoo.

any way to mass stop follow bots, they're annoying as heck

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ra ra rasputin lover of the russian :gun:

Whats it called if youre a furry, but bug. like your fursona is a bug what you call that

I am so tired rip my entire ass.
Tempted to sleep but also lowkey tempted to go buy a skateboard.
I am dyspraxic, that would be a disaster

Going nonverbal when you are with friends sucks ass :,)

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emotional permanence? i don't know her

@tord @edd we're like the only ones online
our city now

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