PSA: Awoo'ing is a finable offence in this furisdiction punishable by a fine of $350.

Thoughts on also being a server?

PSA: Awoo'ing is a finable offence in this furisdiction punishable by a fine of $350.

I'm back and I'm madder than ever. Watch out, illegal awooers!

Let's try to figure this place out then. Awoo?

Every time I look at timeline a new awoo would manifest itself.

Thanks to the help of everyone, @thefishcrow has finally been apprehended by the awoo police!

Live footage from awoospace:

Wait, does that mean if I want to follow someone, I'd have to invite them to awoo? This is madness!

I should make this account more about the person behind than just be a realized meme. Otherwise it's not sustainable.

I hope this is sufficient enough for the Japanese friends to behave themselves.



registering to also keep the meowers in check.

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