Oh ghod who led him near the karaoke 

Masked it up, backed up six feet
Double-gloved, took no chances
Went thru lockdown, hard to buy groceries
Just a man and his bills to survive

So many waves, stats rising too fast
ICU getting too gory
Self-isolate, 'till you get to that date
Your reward is a small plastic vial

It's the...
Vial of the Pfizer
I don't 'bout the cost
At this point, it's unwise to be a miser
At your first free appointment
Swipe my delt with a swab
And start shooting me up with a viiiiiaaaal....
of the Pfizer

Another jog around the sun?

Sure, why not. I think I'm getting the hang of it.


In Robot Odyssey (1984), you programmed submarines to perform tasks by soldering discrete logic chips to inputs and outputs. You could store submarines inside other submarines and call them later, remotely.

Those were nested sub routines. o.O


*briefly boggles at a voice actor's impression of "Droopy Dog" being a dead-on "Father Karras" from Thief II*

Restructuring my surroundings.
The video display now hovers off the wall, above the games that could be played. They will soon be games that could be seen and heard, as well.

Come to think of it, the classic clamshell-mould all-in-one terminals had the same ergonomic issues as laptops. Keyboard too high, too far away, monitor too low.

A laptop with a nice chunky mechanical keyboard, unibody Moomin-plastic shell and a pantographing-hinge monitor for proper height...


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Torn between wanting to mock up an ADM3a-style dumb terminal for a project - and wanting something of a similar vitage and style that won't make my spine file a restraining order on me. They're adorable, but the ergonomics would ruin me in short order.

What's on my mind. (Nothing deep. ;) 

- Need to resume the never-ending process of sorting and making 'homes' for things in the office room. I stalled a lot once my PC was back up and capable of throwing polygons with abundance. *coughgames*
- falling down the rabbithole of ortholinear 60% keyboards. Cute little things! Not for continuous use, but as control pads for interfaces and devices like that Pellican'd Rasberry Devbox, they have a certain charm. Making keycaps for one-offs would be a good usecase for a small resin 3d printer, too. Could probably make do with the current filament printer for prototyping...
- making progress with the latest incarnations of Blender, but it's still slow going. Video tutorials help some, but I need to 'do' to learn, and while I can listen and do at the same time, I can't 'watch and listen' and 'do' at the same time.

All I'm saying is I know I've got a bag of a thousand green 5mm LEDs *somewhere* around here... it would just almost certainly be faster and cheaper by any metric you can name, given the clutter in which I live and the general spoon deficit I operate under, to order another such bag and wait for it to be delivered while I do something productive in the meanwhile.

Been wandering down retrocomputing rabbitholes lately.

State of the art has been progressing nicely, but so, I see, has the trailing edge. Hey @PhoenixTril, look! Sexy box. n.n


One minor advantage of being semissentialispensible, as I currently am, is when my eyes try to impale my brain I can go home and burrow under a eock without worrying about leaving people in the lurch. They made their coin off me today already. Converting back to a acreen-centric worklife is taking its toll on my head migraine-wise, though they're usually well managed - this one I can blame on 'Too Much Blender' last Saturday. Going to have to watch out for that. >.>

It's quarter to six, and I'm going to be late to work. That has lost all meaning, beyond my pay being calculated by an hourly wage, but if I stay late long enough to make up for missed time I'll not lose any income. I should, regardless, get up and go.

'Moment of Inertia' has a specific torque-related physics meaning, but for right now, it describes my unwillingness to start another week. To stay in this liminal interstice between minutes.

This unit has a bad motivator.

(-, cw:death, I'm fine, I'm always fine) 

You really do feel things snap when you do chest compressions on someone after their heart stops.

Worst monday at work ever.

Health ( - , moody) 

Heh. Never really thought of myself as 'immunocompromised' until the official pandemic declaration today. And then I started itemizing the diabetes, the blood pressure, obesity, slow-healing wounds, non-healing injuries. Chronic pain.

... I need to write a will.

NSFW (CW:penises, surgery, humour, cutting) 

(Urologist) "This technique isn't going to - well, it will leave a mark, and the type of cut we make to prevent post-surgical constriction will be noticable on inspection." (Draws diagram of bunny pronker, marks where he'll be cutting and suturing it in a month or two)

(Moment) "Oh, you're using a Z-cut."

(Urologist) "(...)" (blink) "Y-cut, actually, but the same idea, yes! Actually, sometimes it ends up like a T-cut..." (discusses fascia , ends up with) "- so it's a cosmetic technique, but we're using it for purely functional effect."

(Moment) "That's fine, Doctor. I wasn't planning on entering any Penis Beauty Competitions anyhow."

- - -


I... hardly ever get to use the damn thing with anybody. Why does trading appearance for functionality... ache a little?

Work (-) 

Gee. Take away my access to my short-term digital scratchpad, give me conflicting verbal instructions for two jobs where the four digit order codes only differ in one number, and be surprised the second time I get it wrong and tell you to fucking write a Change Order, boss. In as many words.

Nothing 'resting' about my bitch face today.

Oh, but I'm *MUCH* faster without soothing distractions like my phone to keep me wasting processor cycles on being 'nice'. I've already filked a song for the Korps, plotted a course of action for the doc I meet in a couple of hours, ordered a high-temperature mastic to seal the ventilation system that's poisoning us every time we cut Acetron on the laser, burnt most of my abbreviated day workload, and checked with the ex-biker at work about the usefulness of quicklime in rapidly disposing of bodies. (It tends to preserve 'em, don't bother.)

Mm. Break's nearly over. Have a good one, all.

"Donnanoble's data has been added to the Pokédex."

"Donnanoble has been saved."

For some reason, user icons haven't been loading on awoo for me for days, intermittently. Effectively, all my friends have left. o.o I mean, they're still there, probably. In the blocks of monochrome text with funny, seasonal names I don't recognize.


Work (! +/-) 

So, upshot: new toy at work. Should be trained on it shortly. Should be producing wood involute clockwork shortly thereafter in my copious spare time. n.n

Downshot: had reason to ask a coworker if he was familiar with the "Forklift Driver Klause" safety video. He was! Which was good, given he was reenacting part of it...

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